"Card Game" is an extremely misleading description

(Optidox) #1

Hey y’all! I’m Optidox, a former top tier Destiny player, and a current high level Overwatch and Hearthstone player. Now, considering my experience in those games, a CCG/FPS hybrid sounds like my dream game, so when I got an invite code for P1V1, I was really excited. I boot up, I see default “deck”, I decide to hop right into a game and just get a feel for it, aaaaaannnndddd…

…the actual game is just an FPS. The “deck” is just a loadout which looks more akin to something out of COD or Halo than a Hearthstone deck. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still had a blast playing and experimenting, but the marketing not matching the actual game was a pretty big letdown to me. The game is just fun; the marketing team shouldn’t feel a need to chalk it up to something it’s not.

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(bmont731@gmail.com) #2

Agree’d. I’ve seen people that are kind of turned off by it in the FPS community. I really enjoy the system that’s in place, but I think getting rid of the “card” name could help in marketing.

I’m also not really into any card games, so I could be wrong. The whole “card” thing could be helpful when marketing. Just some thoughts.