Cards against The Borderlands

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I don’t know if you are all aware of which allows people to play Cards against Humanity online. You can als create custom card sets and as such want to create a Borderlands 1. Normally I’d do this myself as its non-profit, free license and such.

But I want to create one that also includes the Gearbox forums, first off can a mod let me know if it would be ok (I will add links to the deck and the code to load the set if anyone wants to play) and for some of the more seasoned borderlands players to donate knowledge and calls or answer cards.

The Card code is W7KCC
To use it in Pretend You’re Xyzzy you need to use

If anyone wants to view the cards to see what’s already there,

We’re now at 61 Call cards and 304 answer cards.

I would like thank the following people for testing the deck or adding while it was in development;


  • A game should feature at least 15 Blank cards, if you can add them, even more random selections.
  • This is a game just for fun, try not to overreact if your card isn’t chosen.
  • Everyone will end up being a Czar at some point, not everyone will find the same combo’s funny though.
  • Even after the card set is ready to use, cards may be added or removed from the set depending on requests or suggestions
  • Not only one game can run, I may host and someone else may for another game.
  • Games have a cap of 20 players and 20 spectators (I think) just because you aren’t in immediately someone may leave
  • doesn’t require accounts, usernames are available at any point
  • Matches can be made private to keep people not from the forums out, to do this just add a password.

#Game setup

If you need to put a username in here’s the server selection link, it’s the top one. I’d type it but it’d be censored.

Status - Inactive
Link (will be updated/removed as it’s running/expired):
Server: Top
Player limit:
Spectator limit:
Password (might stay the same when I run it, keeps non-forum users out): Pandora

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This sounds great. I dont see why there would be a problem with it.
But i will ping @JoeKGBX for a more official answer.

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Yea, this shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re not making any money off of it. :smile:

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Great, it’s all free source. I couldn’t make money from it as it’s under a creative commons licence being Cards Against Humanity too so that’s a not a problem.

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I’ve never played cards against humanity so I don’t know how I could help, sorry.

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However I had some friends that told me about a borderlands version of this was already out there, maybe you could look that up for some ideas and build off of it. I don’t have any links or anything, just word of mouth.

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Really, heard something about it but didn’t know if an in depth set existed. Mainly tagged you due to the sheer number of guides, bound to be something funny in there you might recall. But seriously, need to get you to play a game at some point.
Plus any forum references, if the person(s) concerned don’t have any objections. (PH’s monocle, Derch references, like the Gearderch Derchunity Derchass: Derch thread titles)

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You could make a no pants card for me :wink:

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I don’t know anything about Cards Against Humanity either. Never played it, never even looked it up.

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I loooooooooooove cards against humanity. When my brain is working I can post some ideas.



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You don’t mind a Giant Monocle wearing Pomeranian as a Vault monster do you?

(Sheriff) #19

Does it have to be Canon? Or can I make cards about shamfleeting and @Spunky117’s fists ?

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Any cards are Welcome, there’s even mentions of Duping in the deck.

Hypothetical situations, wants for BL3, Forum events, Shift, Forum users (with permission) etc.


Of course not!

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I’m currently at 25 call cards and 150 answers. I need a minimum of 50 calls to set up a game and I’m stalling for idea’s, any suggestions?

Some questions are; ( _ means a blank for the answer cards)

  • The Best/Worst character is _?
  • The worst exploit they patched was _? (don’t know if there is any to really complain about but there will be some)
  • What caused me to fall sick on Pandora? _.
  • What made UVHM so hard? _.
  • A quest reward in BL3 will be “Miss Moxxi’s _”
  • The newest Vault Monster is _.
  • Sanctuary had some problems when _ accidentally read into _.
  • I was surprised to see that _ made an appearance as an Easter Egg in a different game.

Not all wording correct since I’m writing some quickly but any answers are welcome, as with any other questions.


I’m wearing my thinking hat.

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By the way this is more sarcastic than suggesting any are reverted, so The Bee + CC, Moxxi’s loot chest etc.

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When is the right time to wear pants _____

  • Never
  • No time is a good time
  • Are you kidding me pants are evil
  • When hell freezes over

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Think that I’ve fixed it, I think I have the mission name right.