Carlotta's BL: TPS! Sketches and Doodles

Hello, my name is Carlotta and this is my topic or thread for my Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! fanart, mostly doodles and sketches.

I do not take requests.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

At the beginning of the game, Athena said something like she is hungry, very hungry, hence she takes the job from Jack. If she is hungry, figuratively, I would like to think that when she has enough money or have just gotten a handsome paycheck (no pun intended), she goes to a steak bar and have plates of steaks.

I would like to imagine that the Vault Hunters are quite close but they don’t show it directly, and apparently, they follow Athena to the steak bar and fool around.

WinkWinkNudge**NudgeEvery playable Vault Hunters are present in the picture, their presence may be hinted by items.

And don’t worry, Nisha is just unimpressed with Timothy’s story, the most she will do is slug his arm.

Lady Hammerlock, fabulous as ever.


These are rad, @C_Blackwell! Passing along to the team!

Awwwww~ Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply!

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Just saw these for the 1st time. Very creative, and I really like your style on Lady Hammerlock. Nice work!