Carmageddon series discussion!

Several topics about games have arised the past few months, so why shouldn’t I create one about one of my favorite series?
I’ll go briefly over every title in the series, even the 3 titles I never played (and most likely never will).

2 Characters to play as, both have their own vehicle with diffirent stats; Max Damage has the Eagle to cause damage to other contestants, Die Anna drives the Hawk to cause havoc among the pedestrains during every race. Has maps that vary from a ski resorts, a huge factory, various maps set in parts of a huge city and more. While every map gets used atleast twice, most races set in the same enviroments are set in a diffirent part of the same area or have the power-ups mixed up.
First in the series (obviously), one of the games that caused a huge uproar and got either censored with zombies, and in germany robots. But that’s easily patched out with the patch that shipped with its stand alone expansion pack.

Carmageddon Splat Pack:
Both playable characters got new vehicles (Max got one that looks like the Batmobile), new opponents, some old opponents ogt new vehicles. And offcourse, all new maps. Does suffer from a somewhat bad map design and some enemy vehicles are hugely overpowered (Rig 'o Mortis, I’m looking at you). Still fun to play but less interesting that its base game.

Carmageddon (PS1)
Hugely underrated, not perfect but I think it plays better than Splat Pack (which I still enjoy).
It is more or less a hybrid between Carmageddon 1 & 2, and the first game not made by Stainless.
I’m actually rather impressed with what they’ve managed to do with the game, considering the hardware.
As I said, it is not perfect: upgrades don’t stick (you lose them after every race, instead of keeping them), weight rating is near useless and the controls are somewhat floaty. Introduces new drivers for old vehicles, and completely new vehicles.
Never got a release in NTSC territories.

Carmageddon 2:
Maybe the most known game in the series, improving on alot of things like physics and damage modeling but there are no cops and it feels rather unfinished in places. First game that also introduces missions (PS1 versions has those aswell, but less pissing nails hard). Mostly new line-up of racers, with some familiar returning ones from either the first game or Splat Pack.

Carmageddon (Gameboy)
Nothing to say about this, only that it is a watered down Carmageddon 2 for your pocket. Not exactly a good one according to critics.

Carmageddon 64:
This port was done by Titus. Yes, that company. Worst in the series (argueably). No new opponents, peds are replaced by dinosaurs. Not a can of worms I’ll be opening.

Carmageddon TDR 2000:
First main game in the series not to be done by Stainless, and it shows:
Only 2 recurring characters (but have fun figuring out, characters bios are dummied out), vehicles have a rather weak design. and it turnt the missions up to 11. Not completely awfull, but a resounding ‘meh’ nonentheless

Can’t say much about this, but Totalbiscuit summed it up for me quite nicely. Don’t buy it untill they fixed the performance problems.