Carnage on Zer0?

Going along the same story line as the surprising results I have gotten from Explosive Weapons and Zer0…

What about the Carnage??

It does not get the Grenade Damage Boost but it hits hard and Zer0 doesn’t have Grenade Damage boosts anyway.

Does it B0re??

Anybody tried it on Zer0?

I mean, the Swordspolosion is soooooo good on Zer0 this may be an moot question.

But a shotgun shooting rockets is hard to pass up!! And with Zer0’s increases to velocity and Accuracy as well as huge Crit Bonuses…well…what do you guys think??

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Bear. Cat.



Threw them away for years but next one I get will try it out…promise!

I do have a Casual Carnage sitting in a mule though…was curious.

I know I have a Beckah somewhere too…just have to find the darn thing…LOL


The rockets can’t crit 97% of the enemies in Bl2 and the rockets also can’t b0re. But that it the case for all pure splash weapons, which makes all of those weapons a poor choice on Zero.


Yes…thanks…I read something after I posted this that implied it could not crit…yet the weap0ns card of the Critical version picture in the wiki gives 50% bonus…LOL

Makes sense…

The SwordSplosion is so good anyway…

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