Carnivoria glitch

My game glitched out and wont let me enter guts of carnivoria after dropping the entrance. Even worse, i left to do some side quests hoping it would reset. Now I cant even fast travel to any point connected to Canivoria. HELP!! I’m level 33 and dont want to have to start all over again

some ideas to try.

  1. walk/drive there again
  2. close the game and relaunch it
  3. load a new character and do a quest then go back to that character
  4. join a public/friend game and beat the mission through them and it should prompt you to fast fast forward in your glitched characters campaign next time you play offline/host

Yup, what Dangerous said above me. Try those things. There is most likely some in game trigger that got it’s sequence bugged out. Hopefully you can retrigger it.

If there is an easy way to fix a stuck quest in general I wouldn’t hearing it. I’d started on zane and that quest near the beginning from that chef is stuck at killing the named bandit and 2 skags. The objectives are flagged but the game crashed unexpectedly when I killed one of them so the step is flagged as complete but the actual quest isn’t proceeding to the next step.