Carrier anointed 100% ASE or 125% boss or 50% cryo STNL / the duc 100% ASE or 125% boss

look for the above items with anointing. I have some good items to exchange.

  1. ion cannon anointing 130% after exchanging with digiclone

  2. lucians call with ammunition regeneration anointing while terrified.

  3. cheap tips with anointing 125% damage to named enemies.

  4. Boomer in 50% STNL cryo

  5. re-charger anointing 20% ​​technical action wait rate.

  6. stop gap anointing 3% regeneration while digiclone is active.

  7. firestorm anointing melee attack has a chance of terror on you

  8. storm front anointing heals 25% of maximum life while terrified.

  9. NAGATA anointed 50% eletric ASE.

  10. Sprint rough rider (10% movement speed when exhausted).

  11. seein dead - 1 violent violence / 4 dirty playing. 25% weapon damage / 10% Hyperion damage / 45% crit jacobs

  12. Elemental projector otto idol 16% electrical damage. 14% weapon reload speed / 8% movement speed.

  13. Moar linage anointing 50% while STNL is active.

  14. Infinity with anointing 130% damage when exchanging with digiclone.

  15. monocle with 50% corrosive ASE anointing.

  16. Brainstormer 50% incendiary ASE anointing

  17. shredifier anointing Gamma bust + 65%.

  18. Anointing brainstormer after leaving IB does not consume ammunition for 5 seconds.

  19. Craps- anointed 250% weapon damage after spell casting.

  20. Re-charger anointing after exiting IB Eliminations increase IB’s waiting rate by 30%

  21. Luchy 7 with 200% melee anointing after amara skill.

  22. Devastator - The anointing of terror uses the fl4k attack command and the mascot gains 50% fire.

  23. maggie with 50% cryo ASE damage.

  24. Night hawkin 50% radioactive ASE anointing.

  25. Night hawkin STNL, 100% terrified life theft.

Pretty sure I’ve got a duc 100% ASE, might have a carrier too. Would you let the corrosive brainstormer go for it?

sounds good to me.

what is your GT?


I’m at work, I’ll post here when I send it

Got the duc, no luck on the carrier

And sent, enjoy

Thank you. I’ll arrive in 30 minutes and already send you your item.

Sent. happy New Year


I have alot of the gear your after, I’m happy to trade for any of the following.

Radiation Redistributer - 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Lyuda (not fire/shock) - 125% damage to bosses with at least 18 mag size

Dictator ×6 any elament - consecutive hits or 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Transformer - while SNTNL is active movement speed is increased by 15%

Rico shield - ase 50% shock or corrosive bonus damage

Seein Dead class mod - +2 playing dirty and needs weapon damage

Last stand artifact - (needs +mag size) grenade dmg, aoe dmg, weapon dmg, splash dmg, splash radius

Blast master class mod - +1 redistribution - (needs splash dmg and grenade dmg) weapon dmg, aoe dmg, splash dmg radius, mag size

Seein Dead class mod - +2 playing dirty and needs weapon damage

Last stand artifact - (needs +mag size) grenade dmg, aoe dmg, weapon dmg, splash dmg, splash radius

I have these two items, the artifact (last stand Cosmic Crater) has 40% loader size / 16% radioactive damage / 14% movement speed. Seein dead with 4 in dirty playing / 1x violent violence.