Carrier haz arrived, in M4 SS

This is a for fun and somewhat viable M4 build (aside from MT that is) can actually solo MT too (at least 1 player version, just don’t expect to break any time records)

skill is BM based like this:

here are the gears I used to solo M4 Slaughter Shaft

anointment to look for are
weapon: +50% elemental dmg for 2 mags on weapon (ideally that buffed +125% fire dmg for 2 mags), and +1% weapon dmg for each consecutive hits (mainly for single target boss fights)
shield+grenade: +50% elemental dmg for 10 secs ASE (frost+rad, shock+corrosive etc.)

I used green monster here but maybe mind sweeper can work too because some of the extra projectiles spawned will home onto enemys’ crit spots. try to find one with +atlas crit, +atlas fire rate, AR dmg etc. ideally 2x dmg stats with 31% action skill cd

on artifact I would recommend using one with +40% mag size, even better if you can get other useful stats on it like snowdrift, +AR dmg, +elemental dmg, action skill cd

here is an example of what happened in SS:

gotta luv the money affix on grenade mod, despite dying a few times while testing the build, cash went up $20 million :smiley:


Looks fun! sadly, i’ve never get my hands on a decent carrier for Moze hahaha, time to do some boss run.

Never bothered with this weapon, build looks fun as hell tho. Will definitely try it out!

yea… I only realized I had them while digging through all the items I hoarded xD, and I can see that +1% dmg for each consecutive hits anointment being quite nice on many boss fights since this gun produces loads of homing projectiles

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So I’m curious, if you use Some for the Road with the tracker dart, and tag multiple enemies, how does it fire?

I’m typically not a fan of using trackers on Atlas weapons unless I’m trying to deal with a very quick or flying enemy. Losing the ability to consistently crit is often a big deal in terms of damage, and it’s a bigger problem on the Carrier because the projectile speed decreases dramatically when the bullets are tracking an enemy.

as far as I saw (all my carriers have tracker grenades xD) when multiple enemies are tagged bullets will pick a random tagged enemy and home onto it

@xirmi thats fine most weapons have their limitations

The trouble with the consecutive hits anoint on the Carrier Is that when the bonus preojectiles hit another enemy, it resets your bonus damage.

I’ve been playing around with ideas for Moze ricochet builds using the Green Monster and the 125% damage anoint.

Great for mobbing; still thinking through how to do bossing.

Thanks for the share. It’s nice to see something different than the usual Kyb’s Worth/SMG or Quickie/Lump/Torgue builds.

I’m a fan of AR and had been switching back and forth between Blast Master and Green Monster. I am currently in favor of Green Monster. I had great success with both coms.

We have a similar build tree. I also have that 1 pt on Security Bear. However I skipped Forge in favor of Short Fuse. I got enough mags to last a lifetime.

I tested different anointments on some bosses like agonizer 9000 and jackbot, +1% dmg per consecutive hits was the best performer

Wish I had one to try…

if u r on pc I can dupe one for u

and on a totally related note, I just soloed MT with this build, not the fastest run (~40min) but it was done xD, used 1 carrier with +50% shock dmg for 2 mags and another with +1% dmg per consecutive hits, with 50% corr/cryo dmg for 10 sec ASE on shield and grenade

I can consistently get to Wotan with the build, but I haven’t been able to clear him solo.

Add me on Epic: slim_dankmeme

I’ve been stockpiling good items; I can probably give you something in exchange.