Carrier Only Battles - Mobile Refineries

Hi all.

I noticed that this was mentioned in passing in the Massive Corvettes thread, but I thought I would tackle a more specific issue:

In Carrier Only games, the HW2 races are able to build mobile refineries, thereby freeing up their carriers to go elsewhere. HW1 carriers are forced to remain close to resources as they are the only drop off point. I understand the original games worked this way, but now that they’re combined shouldn’t all races be able to build mobile resource drop-off ships (eg. Resource Controllers)?



What about shipyards, can they build those? I haven’t done any carrier only specifically because they would be so unbalanced so…

No, shipyards are disabled but mobile refineries should be as well.

Maybe HW1 carriers should be given the capability to build super capital class vessels somehow, you need mobile refineries for carrier only mode and you also need a greater super capital production capability for the late game of normal mode to compete with HW2 races.

Possibly this could be some sort of external construction that takes longer and uses up both build slots?

No, I think the whole charm of Carrier-only mode is that it focuses on low level combat.
Adding the capacity to build super caps would ruin it, as it would then offer exactly the same as normal mode.

Just giving access to resource controllers for the HW1 races would firstly make the game more balanced, and certainly more mobile.

I can’t imagine why this has been overlooked. Any ideas on how to bring it to the Dev’s attention?
Is there a ticket system somewhere?

You can give a user an alert by entering in @username.

I’m surprised Kushan/Taiidan can’t hyperspace one in after the appropriate research has been completed, much like the gravity well generators.

While we’re at it, Vagyr definitely needs some addressing in carrier only battles too. The Vagyr carrier can only have one production facility at once so a player is essentially shoe-horned into picking fighters or corvettes or frigates only.

Thanks Stuart, hopefully one of them sees this anyway.

Ursa_Major: That’s my line of thinking as well. The research ship itself is not built inside the carrier, but hyperspaces in once completed. I don’t see any reason that the Resource Controller can’t do the same thing.

I think the HW2 carriers both only have room for one production slot. I haven’t really found it to be a problem though. As long as you have sufficient resources you can swap out modules quite quickly.

The Hiigaran carrier has enough slots to have fighter, corvette and frigate production subsystems - it completely outmatches the Vagyr carrier in everything except speed. The Vagyr carrier is balanced in normal play by the fact that it is much cheaper to produce but this advantage is irrelevant in carrier only battles.

And yes it is a problem, being constrained to one ship class makes your entire fleet much more easily countered as every other race’s carrier can pick from their respective strikecraft and frigates.

The only way I can think of balancing this is by either:

  • giving Vagyr players two starting carriers
  • giving the Vagyr carrier 100% refund on recycling the ship production subsystem and being able to build a ship production subsytem at an increased speed

Obviously for carrier only mode the ability to build destroyers etc… would be disabled, only the ability to build resource controllers would be permitted.

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Richzap, that’s exactly the idea :smile:

Ursa_Major: You’re correct, the Hiigaran Carrier can indeed build all three production facilities, which is absolutely ridiculous compared to the Vagyr Carrier, for this game mode at the very least.

Still, one thing at a time.