Cartel Bosses and the NoPewPew

Well recently I was able to find this weird gun from the Cartel bosses, it’s somehow better than the same level OPQ, which was surprising. Anyway I just barely nabbed it before leaving the area as I had to without taking the bosses out because one of them was bugged at seemingly 0 HP, but he just wouldn’t die. I’ve encountered this before, it’s quite a strange bug, doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does there’s no recourse but to just leave.

The no pewpew is my favorute gun in the game.

It is not better than the opq versatility wise but if you constantly crit itsa monster.

I dont think ita overpowered its just Good. Very good


That would be Tyrone Smallums. If he winds up in the Joey fight at the end you can glitch him out like that. Be careful about doing too much damage to him the first time he jumps down. If you get his health all the way down to 1hp and he tries to transform into Tyrone Biggums before he he jumps back up with Joey, he will glitch out and not be able to transform the second time he jumps down with everyone and you can’t kill him.


Good to know, thanks a lot.


Yeah it seems really fun and the 108 round drum is really useful honestly. I mean the OPQ is fun too but it’s nice to have something else that’s a change of pace and different.

Tyrone the Invincible, as we call him. I did finally figure out what causes this bug (or at least I think I did).

If you deal a crapton of damage to Tyrone during his “power-up” phase (you deplete his initial heath bar and then he grows larger and gets I think 2 shield bars and a health bar). If you deal a bunch of damage while his initial shield and health are depleted, it keeps him from progressing to his second phase. Does that make sense?

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The NoPewPew is an awesome AR. It does it’s job well in all MH levels.

As stated by others, you did too much damage to Joey Smallums. If he is around, avoid damaging him too much until he jumps up and then back down. He is glitched. Annoying but not a game breaker…

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Bane of my ezperience farming. Its why i only claptrap cave now

And to second other opinions here - yes the NoPewPew does not stink at all (get it?).

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Thanks for that. Gave a nice chuckle after reading RL news this morning…

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You can die and respawn which seems to reset the bosses. I tend ti do my farming with Joey, assuming at least one of the mini-bosses drops something I want. I kill them then OD on yellowcake and spawn up top. Rinse and repeat.

Drop rates seem to be worse. I know RNG is RNG, but why is it that the rates seem to get worse week after week for me, instead of better? Or vary? Anywho, that’s my preferred farming area as the scraptrap cave can cause my system to melt down at times.

I like the NoPewPew a bunch; my only problem with it is that I’ve seen so many of them since the Cartel event started and not a single OPQ yet, despite having killed Josie Bytes about a dozen times now.

Im the oppposite i have every flavor of opq but i can’t get a perfect pewpew. Something like a consecutive hits asa 200 as a 4kx3 variant. I have a 3.8.

Yeah i know rads the best but i hate living in front loader land.

Yeah it seems if you don’t kill them too fast, the glitch is pretty easily avoided. The Cartel guys seem to drop quite a few legendaries on max level, not as many around level 30-35 where my Amara is. Still, I really enjoy farming this because it looks pretty awesome and isn’t terribly difficult no matter the level.

Alternatively you can just fast travel back to the start. Only caveat is you have to run through the courtyard to get back (no enemies at least).

Yup, that works too, especially if you’re tight on money. Those extra SDU are rather expensive. But once I bought all mine, it was worth it to just respawn up top. Faster for farming the mini-bosses.

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