Cartel Event 2021

I’m sure many people were looking forward to the Cartel rolling around again at the start of April. But that was the month the Directors Cut DLC came out. I was hoping the second coming of the Cartel Event would come out soon after (Early may at the latest) but that isn’t looking to be the case, unfortunately.

Going of of the fact that the next seasonal event is the Bloody Harvest Event in late October (or the Anniversary Celebration in late July if you count that), so I fear the Cartel Event may have been pushed back to either June, August or September.

What are your thoughts about this?

It’ll probably be back in May, maybe in two weeks. GBX still has two Vault Cards planned for second half of the year, my bet is June/July and September/October.


Lets hope so. Been waiting on this event since it was here last time lol.


There’s this somewhat cryptic tweet:

Mario | drigma on Twitter: “@EpicNNG It’s no secret that we’ve brought back previous events & we are very aware that Cartels is our most popular one. There are reasons why we haven’t brought it back yet. It will all make sense when all details are out. Let’s just all be patient & really enjoy it when it’s time.” / Twitter

I’m guessing we’ll see it soon-ish, but it’s definitely coming.


oh? Could this mean they are working on new features for this event?

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Possibly. Or there’s another update due anyway and they want to release both at the same time. (Next vault card perhaps?) Or (horror of horrors) since I’ve actually started farming max level gear now… :open_mouth:


Oh the anticipation is killing me! Now im excited!

they’re working on a major nerf to the OPQ b/c people love it and they don’t want people having too much fun.


Your probably right. Thats the sad part.

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They really seem to be going for the ‘have our cake and eat it too’ approach with BL3, they keep flipping between treating it like a finished game experience and a live service model that constantly needs new content to keep people engaged on the regular. Heck and the Ultraviolet Villa are both great areas but having them only on a temporary basis for a given span of time makes me wonder about their priorities on making and using their assets.


Imagine an assault on dragons keep 2, where flamerock is still the central hub, but there’s more locations and even the previous locations? They have to give us a tiny Tina dlc. It was one of the most beloved dlc packages I can remember, gearbox would be idiots not to do this.


“There are reasons…”
Those reasons better be worth me not having my lv65M10 Yellowcake and NoPewPew yet.


They’re trying to find a way to keep the OPQ from being to overpowered probably. I know it got a nerf but i can hardly wait to try a max level one.

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I think the events (cartel and the halloween one) should just be another toggle we can turn on at any time, rather than waiting for a certain time of the year.


I don’t know why anyone would think OPQ is still an issue on GBX’s mind.

A lvl65 max damage OPQ would be around 18000x2.

Max damage Lvl 65 Light Show : 15000x4
Free Radical : between 55000 and 69000.
Hellwalker : 22000x10

They could bring back old Yellowcake and it wouldn’t be an issue anymore considering how they powercrept the game.

Whatever is keeping them from releasing Cartel, it’s probably not balance issues.


It’s more of a schedule issue, that’s why Cartel event is delayed.


I’m hoping it’ll be out by the end of the month, looking forward to this.

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Just for comparison.

That’s not the max damage for the Light Show, it goes up to about 18000x4.

18kx4 ? You’re sure about that ? Kinetic or with elements ? Cause I’ve never seen an elemental one with these values. Elementals I’ve seen usually don’t go above 15k

Kinetic, which would also be the “element” the O.P.Q. System is locked to.