Cartel Event Bug: Joey and Tyrone invincible

As topic states. I see Reddit topics with similar content. So this happened, yeah… Major bug, in an event. Honestly, I don’t understand how players experience this and not the game testers when developers release an expansion.
Such nonsense, frustrating stupid thing.
And I have to die that is the workaround.

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Can confirm.

Have done the Joey Ultraviolet fight twice as FL4K (Gamma Burst, Great Horned Skag). First time went without a hitch; second time, two Tyrones spawned, and the second one did not die upon reaching 0 HP so Joey was permanently invulnerable. Damage numbers and status effects continued to register on Tyrone, with no result. Threw everything I had at him.

Committing suicide reset the encounter and the problem did not recur.

Can confirm the problem with Tyrone Smallums. Happened twice in a row during a multiplayer session and had to reload the final fight until no Tyrone Smallums spawned. He always went invulnerable. Seems that he gets stuck between two of his “phases”.

I confirm. Tried 3 kinds of elementals damages, killing clones first or not, using amara 's utltima ability… Tryrone smallgum stay alive with zero life… very frustrating…

Happened three times in a row today, can’t kill Tyrone so Joey is perma invulnerable.

You don’t need to die to reset it, just fast travel back to the beginning of the map and run back to the arena, and the fight is reset.

Got the same thing every time I go to the Cartel hideout…

So does this happen only when two Tyrones end up spawning at the same time, or is something else triggering it like an elemental DoT ticking just as the immunity triggers? I’ve done the fight 10 times with Moze and a couple with Zane without this happening, but I’m not running max gear at high mayhem levels. I’m wondering if it’s one of those ‘killed too quickly’ things that seem to crop up every so often.

This happened to me twice in a row in the same fight (suicided to reset). Happened again in another session, but just fast-traveled to the start to reset.

I think in all three instances, I had done a butt-ton of damage to Tyrone and there may have been some dots as well. It seems that whatever damage I did, in excess of putting him in the first immunity phase, where he ports back to the top, carried over and locked him into the immunity phase later on.

But it’s pretty hectic there, so it’s hard to say what all happened. But when I used less-hard-hitting weapons on him, he didn’t glitch out. But Yellowcakes and Recursions set him to perma-immune.

I’ve experienced unkillable Tyrone Smallums too. I just quit and load again and was able finish the fight but to me, that is not a big deal and I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the devs are either very lazy or straight up amatuers.

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Fact is we paid money for the game and money again for the season pass. They’ve got all the can get and have no motivation left to supply customer support.

That’s the new standard in the game industry. This is a short time event, a game stoping bug and this post is 9 days old with no response.

Thanks for nothing. You can say what you want but this is no better than the EA’s in this world.

It’s shame, as I thought this company is different…

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Unfotunately it was never different just didn’t receive that big of an attention and/or the player base was more forgiving in the past. BL1 BL2 is still reaks of bugs. Not freezing that much but there are many many bugs that was in the game even during their support-span at the first 2-3 years.

Since Borderlands 1, I cannot fathom for example, why the shadow quality such terrible low level in BL. Unreal engine certainly can do better. The detail shadow is ugly af. It stops with a straight “line” front of you 10 meters. This never got updated, not in BL2, its expansions, not in TPS, and not in BL3. Just appauling and seriously no one else ever mentioned this in the forums ever. Just an example of quality demand.

I would really like to see that the players raising the standard expected quality from developers. It is only players who can enforce the demand for better quality games. If people just say “well what do you want its a game, for 60bucks”, nothing will change. This is my only argument on the forums for more than 5 years now with people.

Not worth arguing or demanding anything from companies until major player base pre-orders (still, even after we talk about this it just hurting the industry for 10+ years), and not calling out the companies in mass scale forum topics and most importantly news sites and review sites, how bugged the softwares are.

Im in IT. Only gaming industry can afford such bugged software. Rest of the industry cannot afford it. Their product and income and brand depends on it. In gaming industry the branding is based on hype and white knights rule the forums. Until this not changing, noting will in gaming.

I didn’t log in for Division 2 for months. I didn’t play (logged in once in last two months) Anthem since last year of April. And I didn’t log in to Borderlands since weeks? Don’t remember, if I did I didn’t really do much. After playing through the story, the generalized grind is not interesting in this game, it never was. Other grind based games do that better thats not a strong suit for this game. And the devs moving the game toward a generalized direction of gaming and that hurts the franchise on the long run. I don’t need another grinder shooter fps thank you. There are plenty out there.
What is missing is a cool, repeatable, story driven, fun game and univers, like BL. It still can be saved, if Devs reallize this, if not… shrug… another franchise down on the drain.

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I’ve had it happen a few times, but I can’t really pin down what causes it or any way to reproduce it reliably. Different characters, different methods of damage (Iron Bear rockets, FL4K pure Jakobs power, Zane cryo damage…) best I can tell it just randomly happens when his health is finally down to 0 for the last time and he’s supposed to die, and he just doesn’t. Very likely tied to his tether with Joey in the final battle because it doesn’t seem to be something that happens with him out in the wild. It’s not completely game breaking because, like I’ve mentioned, you can just fast travel back to the start of the map and jog right back to the fight and it starts over, but it is somewhat annoying. (If he goes immortal on me, I go ahead and kill the other underboss if they’re not already dead and see if they drop anything cool before I warp out, it’s kind of like a 2 for 1 free farming run :slight_smile: )

Funny you mention multiple Tyrones. :slight_smile: Yesterday I had no less than three Tyrones against me at once in Athenas. :smiley:

Now that’s what you call some serious Tyrone Power…

it can likely just happen.

tyrone is the same enemy type as the troopers that can bug out and become unkillable, so its likely just the bug persisting through other instances of the same code.

At the risk of redundant posts, I have reliable repro for this bug (I think, now about 97% sure). Bug occurs when Tyrone Biggums is transforming into final Tyrone Smallums form. If the Tyrone takes lethal damage before the animation completes, he enters an unkillable 0-health state. Suspect problem is that actor cannot proceed directly from transformation animation into death animation.

Have only observed this bug ONCE on another enemy.

Request blanket scripting check to cause all entities with 0-health to proceed to death animation, should resolve all cases.

EDIT/UPDATE: Also possible that overkill mechanics are causing damage to Tyrone while transforming.

It does have to do with his transformation. However it is triggered if he takes mortal damage the first time he jumps down from Joey’s ledge. If he is trying to transform when he jumps back up, he will be unable to transform the second time he comes down with everyone else.

Saw this tested on stream and tested it myself. Just be careful about how much damage you do to him on the first round and he’ll go down the second time without fail

I said the same thing in another thread right after cartel was released, along with it’s too much damage as he transforms. When it happens just fast travel back to the start and reset that last encounter. It’s a bug they aren’t going to fix, imho, as it’s a limited time event and they already have other things lined up for dev time.

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I had a similar issue but it was on maliwan takedown both true and normal! It happened that any enemy could turn into a undying one, alive with 0HP, sometimes just 1 undying one on all maliwan takedown run, but sometimes at least 1 on each checkpoint. The most anoying was 2 of then on Wotan fight!
Most times i just ignore then and progress on, but sometimes its hard, when they appear on Wotans fight.

This bug still happens, Tyrone goes to zero health and won’t die.