Cartel minibosses not spawning on Promethea during loot the universe event

While farming on pandora for the first week of ‘loot the universe’ a cartel miniboss would always spawn for me when the golden beacon appeared after killing an enemy.
Last night while farming on Promethea during the second week of the event each time I got the golden beacon only two regular cartel enemies spawned bot no miniboss so this seems to be bugged.
Does anybody else encountered this as well?


I haven’t found any Cartel spawning, let alone mini-bosses. Have Hotfixes applied but Cartel are strangely absent

Same thing happening for me, beacons but no spawns and no mini bosses. Gone back to farming Traunt, his drop rate seems to have been buffed significantly and its a < 1min farm with the Yellowcake.

wonder if it’s platform-specific? I’m XB1 if that makes a difference. I too have the beacons but they don’t bring anyone in.

Don’t think it’s platform specific, I’m on PC.

yeah I’m on pc as well, forgot to mention that!

I had Roaster spawn once in the Metroplex on xbox. They definitely won’t spawn if you’re not fighting humans I discovered.

They spawn on Athenas (part of the event), but they drop world item, not cartel items (as far as I have noticed)

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I farmed Neon Arterial last night for a while. Never saw a single mini-boss.

I haven’t seen any mini-bosses in Lectra City or Neon Arterial.

I have seen mini-bosses in Athenas, Meridian Outskirts, Meridian Metroplex, and Skywell-27.

I haven’t spent enough time in Atlas HQ to figure out if the mini-bosses are spawning there or not.

Xbox1X, M10
They spawned on Skywell, not sure which one, it was as cluster (as one would expect playing Moze). But I got a Needle Gun, so that limits it to Josie or Franco. Didn’t see the spikes, so Josie maybe?

They do spawn on Athenas and Promethea, based on my friends getting some insane drops. But I have noticed that they are more rare than before. Last week, they popped up almost every fight, it seems. This week (since Thursday), I see them less often. I guess they got tired of the endless beatings.

I see them all the time. However, in Lectra City and Neon Arterial, the legendary (orange) beacons do not seem to spawn the mini-bosses. If they do, it is a rare occurrence.

Friend and I had Tyrone spawn by Captain Traunt. He didn’t drop anything for me, but my friend got some legendaries, just not any of the dedicated stuff. Definitely feels more rare than when the even started. Probably reduced their spawn and drop rate while they scramble to decide what to do with the Yellowcake and OPQ System. :laughing:

Mini-bosses aren’t spawning like they should. I see gold beacons all the time that don’t spawn a mini-boss. They never spawn at Atlas HQ by the Power Troopers.

Just a little recap, now that the loot the universe is on Eden 6 I still never get a cartel miniboss to spawn after you get the golden beacon.
Only two regular or badass cartel enemies spawn.
When the loot the universe was on Pandora I would get a cartel miniboss every single time after the gold beacon.