Cartel mission strangely not at level

So I noticed this today while doing a bunch of cartel mission runs with my Moze.

The mission is set at level 50, and the XP, cash, and item reward at the end reflect that (purple level 50 shield, 'nade, etc.) :confounded: This is the repeatable mission of course, and when I look back at the mission log history, the original mission was level 50 (and I know with 100% certainty I was certainly not level 50 when I took that mission :stuck_out_tongue: )

Everything else is fine, like in the Villa itself everything is scaled right as far as enemies and drops go.

This is on non-mayhem. And when I turn on mayhem, it’s magically correctly showing the mission at level 57, and when I complete it, the rewards are right. Turn off mayhem, and it’s back to 50.

Any other sidequest I take (Takedown, Dynasty Dash, etc) is correctly at 57.

My other characters are OK. (edit: actually my Amara is having the same issue, but all my other ones are ok)

Anyone else experiencing this? :slight_smile:

Edit: so I ended up making a copy of that Moze’s save file, loaded it up, reset the playthrough, speedran the game to Sanctuary, went to Maurice… and he offers the mission at level 50 still. :clown_face:

Edit II: I have a suspicion that some remnant of save file data set by the old Bloody Harvest event mission is causing this, since that mission and this one are nearly identical. It could be as simple as the Cartel mission actually just being the BH mission reactivated, and given a new name, which would explain it being “saved” at level 50. I was only playing my Moze and Amara back then (when the level cap was 50 mind you), as my Zane and FL4K just kinda sat around unplayed at low levels because I wasn’t quite feeling them yet.

Right now I’ve been trying to get into the villa and it says clear the area. I have cleared it about 10 times with restarting the game but I still get clear the area with nothing left to clear. So the gates for the next area won’t open. Yesterday was the worst for crashes on my PC, every 10 to 15 minutes and boom your kicked out. Very Frustrating and very close to unplayable now.