Cartel Speed Runs... Before it's gone forever!

Figured I’d start with my personal best in M10. And, just so we can stay consistent with a baseline, please use my video for that. The only requirements are that they must be done in M10, no modded gear, no underleveled gear like a level 1 shield… So basically no glitches. Here’s my best so far:

Good luck and have fun! Oh, and if we get enough posts, I’ll make a leader board.


  1. No super under leveled gear like a level 1 shield.
  2. No glitches, see number 1.
  3. Must be Mayhem 10.
  4. Timer starts as soon as the gates begin to open.
  5. Timer ends as soon as Johnny Ultraviolet’s health bar disappears.
  6. You must show your gear, skill trees, guardian rank, and mayhem screens prior to starting the run.


You trip me out dude … you will just invent a reason to post a gameplay vid eh …


Well, there wasn’t a speed run thread for the Cartel event yet, so why not? lol


Here’s a Moze run… Definitely room for improvement, but not too shabby!

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Ran across a Boom Sickle about half an hour ago with the best anointment in the game, 50/150 Rad… It still packs a BOOM!?

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6 minutes dead from pushing the gate button to finishing Joey off… Would have been a couple of seconds quicker if I didn’t have my action skill element as fire and have to change it at the beginning.

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Had the most excellent RNG and got a 5:20 with TTB Amara and Speed Demon

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Nice run!

Not to be a downer… but I got you beat by 1 second!

No Speed Demon, just a Snowdrift Deathless! Only 1 second better, though…lol

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Wow… would have been quicker if the start of Joey didn’t glitch until I fired at him…

New Personal Best: 4:37

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