Cartel Trash Giveaway

Stuff that I farmed on M10. Not sure it is M10 and in several cases I think not, but all this stuff is free (but if you want to toss me a M6+ Redistributor I am still in the market)
GreaseTrap (all damages similar)
ASE plus rad dmg
ASA lower dmg

<50 HP +150% radiation (two of these)
+300% dmg after phaseslam
ASA lower dmg

OPQ (Damage here is all over the place )
6867 ASE Spike
6172 <50% +150% rad

ASE Fire rate

Ill take the opq 7993 please. GT yipikiya
thank you


I would like the yellow cake 44259 +100%. If not too greedy I have another character that could use the other yellow cake. Thanks GT= Tom dot66

I can send both. Will be back at the console later this afternoon

Could I have the opq 6172 asa reduced damage please?

Thanks! GT: xNOT2DAYx

There are two, which one?

Reduce dmg, thanks again!

Stuff sent

Could I get that OPQ?
GT dafatman911

Thx, man

Thanks so much. It was literally a blast playing with the M10 yellowcakes. Tom dot66

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