Cartel underboss bug and crashes

Anyone else find that Tyrone Smallums bugs out in Joey’s boss fight? Had it happen 5 times now where he has no health and becomes completely invincible. Also noticed since I started event game has crashed twice both times during load screens. Once heading back to sanctuary (mainly to upgrade bank sdu and enter villa same time) and second when I was quitting for the night. Unsure if the crashes are event or hot fix bugs but throught I’d include that as I started as event did.

Yeah I just had this happen too, and it’s really annoying. I also just had one of the other bosses simply become immune permanently, no matter how many enemies I took out, they were just immune to any damage. These bosses seem to be quite bugged at times. This doesn’t happen every time, but I’d say 1/5 runs or something.

Seemed to happen with Tyrone smallums all the time and I did notice if you drained all his health in his larger form and he shifted but to his smaller form after he was totally invincible at zero health. I usually waited til his large phase passed with chip damage then ended him, tho this meant careful dodging and timing as one wrong move its death or fast travel to restart fight especially on mayhem 10.


It has happened to me many times. I do it like phoenix_falls101331, self kill or fast travel to restart fight.

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