Cartel underbosses and the Slayer modifier

So, I’ve been doing the Cartel run on M10 for the last few days trying to get an OPQ before the event ends and I noticed something that I haven’t seen anyone talking about. I have the Slayer mod on (finish off a weakened enemy with melee and they drop boosters) and have been using it to finish off the Underbosses when they start glowing, since it’s easier than killing them with my non-OPQ/Yellowcake arsenal. I’ve killed about a dozen of them this way now, and every time I do they have not dropped any legendaries. (Incidentally, killing Fish Slap this way does not count towards the “killing him with melee” challenge.) Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that the dropping of shield and health boosters somehow overrides their normal loot pool when they die this way?

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It’s not something I have thought about or tested as I don’t run that mod. But given as the melee seems to be in it’s own class of damage (Fish Slap not counting) it’s not impossible for it to be a bug.

If you are on PSN I’ll be happy to send you some OPQ / Yellowcakes if you don’t get a drop.


Thank you for the offer, but I’m on XBox.

I totally get the Fish Slap thing not counting, because the way I understand Slayer to work, your normal melee damage is replaced by the Slayer damage of however many millions of points (hence the Amara Ties That Bind exploit), so technically you’re not killing them with melee damage. However, enemies should still drop their loot even if you killed them with a Mayhem modifier.

I just wanted to bump this because I have since gotten Cartel bosses to drop legendaries when killing them with Slayer. I guess my RNG was just really bad at first.

Yay more.mayhem.bugs!