Cartel weapon farm: best strategy?

Trying out the new hotfix that allegedly fixed the hotfix that allegedly fixed the patch that broke the game. So far not seeing much difference…again. Going to slog through it for a while longer and while I do I would like to maybe get some more of the Cartel weapons before the event goes away. I have gotten a few since event started but not that many and most are not M10.

All that being said…has anyone figured out a method that is more efficient than others? The methods I see are:

-clear Villa including Joey. Get more intel outside of the Villa. Rinse, repeat.
-clear Villa but don’t kill Joey. Reset zone to farm all mini-bosses again. Rinse, repeat.
-clear first mini-boss of Villa near entrance of Mansion. Reset zone to farm first boss again. Rinse, repeat.
-Ignore Villa completely and just focus on general mobbing in a place like Athenas and just farm the random Cartel spawns over and over.

Maybe there is another method? I don’t know. Has anyone determined any of these methods to be more effective than others? I hardly see the mini-bosses outside of Villa which makes me believe the last one is not good. However, even killing mini-bosses inside Villa they rarely drop the Cartel guns so I have no idea what the best method is.

Cartel drops are broken. I can’t believe that they didn’t fix them in the hotfix today.

I think that the best method is #2 on your list. I got tired of getting crappy world drops doing that though.

I generally start boss fight, kill minibosses, die, repeat. I’m unclear if this is what you mean by your second option, but generally focusing on the fight seems faster if you mean actually clearing the mansion as a whole.

Actually, I had not thought of that. I was talking about clearing mansion and killing the mini-bosses around the mansion then resetting before heading down to Joey. I didn’t really consider killing the mini-bosses and dying before finishing it. Why not just exit out instead of dying?

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Yeah. I know they are broken. I just meant the best way in the context of what we have (a broken system). Maybe there is no best way.

Wasted time, faster to just aim at the floor and hold E.

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  1. Scraptraps (DLC1): farm Scraptraps to get Cartel beacons to farm Cartel bosses. I had 3 Fish Slaps in that area at one time.

  2. Konrad’s Hold: A LOT of badass enemies which seem to have a higher chance to drop boss beacons.

  3. Ambermire: Go to the middle FT, and head left out the window towards the area where Unstoppable spawns. There are a good amount of badass there and I had at least 2 boss beacons drop at once a few times. You also get shotguns/grenades from Loot The Universe, and there is an ammo vendor right there to buy ammo/sell junk. Just reset after clearing that little area and you spawn really close to it.

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My farm is the claptrap farm but with twist that make it fun and 100x easier and less chaotic. It requires either #1 choice a plaguebearer corrosive no anoint needed.

Or #2 two items a singularity grenade and a corrosive splashy or ice. A Hit everyonethingie like a rocket launcher or reflux or explosive acidy shotgun or even anarchy if you can survive.

Group claptraps. Running around. Spam singularities around a corner or place they can NOT fly everywhere. Theres a mini cave where a chest is.
I use the upper ridge with no escape but to fall down.

Plaguebearer does it all at once for u. Just kill the claptraps right then and there. MASSIVE spawns might happen or not. Keep them.there. run out. Using the cargo container. Fall to where you can get back up at the end of the container. It resets. Gather the claptraps and head to thr mobs you put in the corner singularity em all ina corner splash kill everyrbing or plague bearer. U should get massive amount of gold lights. Maybe even three bosses if you group enougn robots and claptraps in one space and destroy em. Spam whatever it is you got. Amara ties that bind. Moze has everything aoe. Flakk can crit even launchers. Bing bang boom explosionz noise!

Gg bosses dead. See if theres loot repeat. You can spawn alot of bosses and robots. Bosses and robots will fight and fight claptraps. So it all works. In your favor.

Best farm ever.

Strangely for the first time in a long time. I crashed today after droping down into joeys lair. Its never happend before. Its a sign i need to stick to my own strategy that works. Its how i got my yellow cakex2 a nuncha opq variants and a ton of fish slappin nades

If this helps you better than other ppls ideas and advice or is a better version… And you’re on pc. Pleasse send me ur 4kx4 pewpews with 200asa or 3kx5. No one wants em i do

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Why what are you saving your money for :smirk:

I cleared the mansion to see which mini-bosses would show up with Joey, but I guess you can just scout them out after you get the spoiler. If the one(s) you want to farm aren’t with Joey start the map and try again.

Once you know who’ll spawn with Joey, just kill the minis and suicide, release, repeat. I did that for an hour or so (took over 2 hours to clear the mansion due to buggy explosions). Killed Tyrone multiple times, got 4 yellowcakes.

I also run with in split-screen co-op so there are more drops to be had.

I clear mansion and kill under bosses with Joey but leave him alive.

I make sure the 2 under bosses with him are the specific bosses that will drop loot i am after.

If I want a Yellowcake, im gonna want fish slap and smallums as the under bosses with Joey because they have a chance to drop that gun.

Then I remove my shield and die.

I find this is the quickest as far as time goes.

I haven’t spent a massive amount of time on the cartels because I play co op and my Mrs isn’t really into farming, I sometimes do a little when she’s not playing .

I picked up an opq at level 55 (mayhem turned off) first day of the event.

I picked up a an opq level 57 (mayhem 4) today.

The level 55 gun with no mayhem is the better of the 2 🤷

So I decided to farm the witch doctor area of Jakobs Estate to see how well I could farm cartel bosses. Not a bad spot. Got many thug spawns but only one spawned a mini-boss. I didn’t get exactly the weapon I was looking for but did get a pretty nice upgrade of cake. This is also for my sub 50% health Radiated Moze so that anoint is perfect:

The other nice thing about this area are all the goliath mobs. With Rushin Offense I can just zoom around knocking helmets off and they kill things for me then by the end it’s just a clump of goliaths fighting each other…kill them all with a couple cake shots. lulz.

Now if I could just get an M10 Nopewpew with that anoint and an M10 Cryo Kaoson with that anoint…

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Nice! I think that’s the highest damage Cake that I’ve seen. The anoint is good for a specific build but not one that I prefer.

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Yeah, it’s nice when you are below 50% all the time so I guess it’s really best for Moze (maybe Zane I don’t know…never played him).

You can use a Front Loader or Dealthless and it’ll work. There’s a Zane build using a Front Loader and weapons with that anoint that I saw. Looks interesting.