Cartels Event Tomorrow!

Anybody else excited for the return of Joey Ultraviolet and his horde of hence people?

Hoping for a few new surprises this go around! New Henchmen? New gangs? Map changes? New puzzles? New missions? New gear?

Maybe a new vault card?

Inquiring minds want to know! :smile:


Coincidentally, tomorrow is also Microsoft’s Windows 11 announcement.

I’m looking forward to both…

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Is it the odd or even numbered Windows versions that routinely get disliked? I forget. :grinning:

And forgot about the return of the OPQ System! The best Atlas rifle. Imagine the havoc you could cause with a level 65, Mayhem 10 version combined with an Atlas Company Man artifact!


What I’ve been waiting for. Heck, a lvl 57 OPQ still kicks butt in 65/M-11, looking forward to a seriously overpowered beast.


Really wish they’d make these events available year round.


Is this suppose to also be the release of a good sized patch? Thought I heard rumors but maybe Im wrong?


Since they are already focusing on a new game/spin off, might as well make these events permanent. I can pretty much live without the Villa Ultraviolet map, it’s the reinforcement mechanic that happens when you kill the Cartels’ agents while looking for its coordinates that I’m getting pumped for.

Can’t stress enough how much I prefer the Cartels’ badass reinforcement mechanic to Mayhem 2.0. Difficulty in Borderlands is made by adding numbers to the enemies’ ranks, not adding numbers to their health bars. To me it’s baffling how they got released on the same day, the best and the worst ways of adding Mayhem to the game.

So, what are people expecting?
  • I have total confidence gearbox will make it even better than last year
  • It’ll be the same, with minor improvements at most
  • It’ll be the same as last year, including any bugs
  • It’ll be worse than last year because gearbox will mess something up

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I’m still wondering if they’ll bring back any anointments.
Looking forward to it, either way.

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I miss this event very much


Wouldn’t expect nothing more than buffs/nerfs at this point. Quit getting my hopes up a long time ago for @GBX to actually fix issues that the game has had since it released. If it was a great patch @GBX would of hyped it as they do other things.


The only new things I expect them to add is bugs. But hey, at least they’ll keep the old bugs company. And the event isn’t permanent, so they won’t have to fix anything. Just wait til it ends.


Looking forward to the inevitable level cap increase a week or so after event finishes; /s
Probably be 3 levels or something stupid. /not sarc.

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Other than the OPQ (which I do want to acquire a level 65 this time around even though my level 57 is still working for my main Moze build), I agree that the Villa Ultraviolet map, although good, fell short of my expectations of the whole Cartels event when it rolled out. I thought each cartel faction would have its own unique map that then led you to a fourth map (i.e. Villa Ultraviolet). That way, each run would be different not only because of the faction you faced but the initial map you played on. Instead we got the same map with a different faction manning it and then an arena map for Joey and his goon squad.

My main question is whether or not the “Loot the Universe” (LTU) event will also be active at some point while the Cartels is on. Thematically, it meshes very well with the crime based Cartels event. And LTU made it fun for me to work/farm each set of maps for loot drops, knowing that cartel reinforcements would show up to provide plenty of badass toons to farm. The cartel map itself was too short an experience for me to get excited about, though I dutifully played it several times over for farming and achievements, etc. the first time around. However, if GBX expanded the scope of Cartels to add three more maps, one for each faction that then fed into the existing Villa Ultraviolet map, and also included an annual LTU event, I would pay for the Cartels as a permanent mini-DLC (maybe like a Headhunter Pack from BL2).

I have not played BL3 since October of last year (and then only briefly to experience the Halloween event which I felt was extremely watered down and uninspired as compared to previous franchise entries) and am only coming back for the possibility of an LTU event coinciding with the Cartels. If LTU is not also active at some point while the Cartels is active, then I do not expect to play much beyond farming for the OPQ with the anointment that I want while I am here. After that, it is back to Bethesda, Blizzard and others while I await the new TT Bunkers and Badasses game.

Im excited to play it again. I have a few items left in the current vault card, but im not too crazy about them. I cant wait to see if there are new legendary drops. My friend missed out on it, so i’ll show him how awesome it is. But i’ll have to start it once i return from my doctors appointment tomorrow. Good thing its a semi short day

I could barely play last year because the game still had significant performance issues (relating, in hindsight, to projectile splitting mainly). The Cartels event made this worse because of all the extra spawns impacting performance (both generally and in terms of additional projectiles).

The rest of the game was okay-ish, but the Cartels map just crashed after 15 minutes or less, every single time I loaded into it. T’wasn’t fun.

Looking forward to it this year. The game’s performance is a lot better than then (tested on my old machine), and I have a new machine that runs BL3 without a hitch. Even if it’s the same as last year without any improvements or changes, I’m still excited to benefit from it properly this time around.


My bank is going to be seriously squeezed when all these legendaries return (especially if they add a new vault card too). I hope we get some new SDUs… Pretty hyped for the patch too. The last few have been substantial and good news for the game (especially Nov 10th’s) and Graeme has been hyping this one over Twitter a bit.


Level cap raised to 72, all events are now year round, for starters. I guess this might be the last big change to the game now that Wonderlands has been announced.