Cash Rewards For Missions Make No Sense At Higher Levels

So many missions have cash rewards which in principle make sense; The problem is at higher levels (and a larger cash pools) dying once may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

In the past hour I’ve had 3 missions where the reward wasn’t loot but cash totaling about 75K. I died once doing the missions and lost about 800K. So my reward for completing them actually cost me almost 725 thousand.

I agree to an extent.

What i’m saying is: Okay, they should give us extra stuff besides money but what?
unique weapons? (new ones) don’t we risk to occur into the same problem legendaries have?
that most of them are useless with lame concepts?

this is the only thing i can think of, what do you think? what should they give us besides money and exp?

I think the simple fix is just to give random loot for rewards ratio (just like opening up a standard white chest) upon each mission completion rather than a couple bucks. It actually gives you a reason to complete missions at higher levels if you have a chance at snagging a cool blue/purple weapon (and a small chance of legendary).

For so many players at the level cap, doing missions with rewards of Cash and Exp do literally nothing and often end up costing you more.


I like the randomised idea, maybe rewards for missions at higher levels could be loot o grams?

Money in Borderlands never made sense at all… If you have 10 million and die it costs you 1 million to respawn. If you have 1k in the bank it costs 100… the sliding scale makes the whole idea and concept of money in game useless other than buying ammo… So yes when giving it as a reward its beyond useless…

You shouldn’t worry about cash. There is no purpose to it after you bought all the SDU.

On TVHM M3 you can farm millions in a few minutes only.

If you worry, remember that with a Night Flyer/Money Barrel on TVHM M3/Offline/Loot Expender Artefact you can get 99,999,999$ in less than 30 mins…