Casino DLC conspiracy theory

I’m going to introduce a personal conspiracy theory here, please feel free to tear apart, but I’ve been thinking about it since my first run through the Moxxi DLC…

I think Timothy in the Moxxi DLC is actually Handsome Jack himself!

Yes, I know, we all killed (or let Lilith kill) Handsome Jack in the Lair of the Warrior.
However, we also know that Jack had complete control over Hyperion tech. We also know that that tech is able to DIgistruct people around (fast travel being canon or not, I’m saying it is since it is required to complete one mission in BL2 (getting back to Sanctuary from the Highlands)), and my contention has always been;
If you can digistruct people, the process of digistruction must include storage (temporary or not) of that person’s physical and mental states.
Hence the Jack killed in BL2 had standing orders to have his essence recreated from the last save on news of his current bodies death.

So when Jack was killed in the Lair, his body was re-spawned by his minions. With Pandora temporarily lost to him, he fled to the Casino (which we didn’t know about) as a wholly owned and safe place for him to regroup.
Unfortunately, his systems were not up to date enough to recognize this eventuality, and they reacted to the news as real and locked things up without recognizing him. Hence his position as we start the DLC.
Why did this come to mind?
First, Timothy is a little too Jack-like. Yes yes, we are presented with a hand wave that says Oh, a little Jack DNA makes him act like Jack sometimes. Hogwash. Little Timmy never acted Jack-like in TPS. And the slips in the DLC are a way too accurate replication of Jack behavior.
Second, the purge of the body doubles referenced in the DLC. Timothy killed the other body doubles, he admits that. There is zero real reason why Timothy would do that, banding together to take out Pretty Boy would have been a more reasonable (and jack-mimicking)action. But in this case he had to eliminate the doubles because he didn’t need them any more, and when he escapes the Casino he cannot have the doubles also escaping and confusing the remnants of the Hyperion evil command group as to which was the real Jack.
Third, his insistence on quizzing Moxxi on whether she knew he was not Jack. This is played off as Timmy being a love-struck puppy about Mox. In my mind it’s more sinister, he is probing the most reliable test person he can find to see if she believes his masquerade as a body double. If he can fool Moxxi, he can fool the rest of the universe.
Fourth, he’s a little too happy at the end of the DLC. Finally getting out of the Casino is nice and all, but I would expect relief or a whew moment, not the kick up your heels as you leave moment we see. He’s clearly excited that his deception worked and he has a chance to get back out into the galaxy and start wreaking havoc again.
There are other little hints too. I think Jack is alive and now, after getting out of the Casino, very well and ready to start his climb back to super villain status.


In before everyone else says the New-U stations aren’t “real” otherwise Roland wouldn’t be dead either. :grin:

I’m also going with Moxxi’s ability to tell them apart.

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I know, I’m not talking about New-U but fast travel. And since Fast Travel is required in the mission I mention I firmly take it as canon, despite what the developers say :slight_smile:
And Roland not being respawned is all about Jack’s control of the network.

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Oh I hear ya but that lil debate is over a decade old by now i think :laughing:

Edit: Okay 7 years, for some reason I was thinking Roland died in 1 and I KNOW that isn’t true…

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The new-u specifically states you cant respawn if you die in a cutscene…so theres that…

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Which is clearly Roland, so yes, I can see that.

But Jack did not die in a cut scene, he died to actual live fire from me or Lilith, so logically and reenforced by that very load text he CAN AND DID respawn.
Non causa pro causa logic is soooo very real.


Tim mentioned he just wanted one thing out of the VIP tower but we are ever told straight out, we are just left to assume it was a second date or a x rated pic of Moxxi.
Then we get into a hand that I thought was grafted on and he claimed irremovable being sliced off to stop the screw you I’m rich protocol.

I’m leaning more towards Jack being able to use his body doubles as back up bodies, he would just have to have a way to up load subconscious thoughts and memories.

Once I think about it unless Krieg and Gauge are considered to be in the main story line if he wanted revenge he’s only got Zer0 and the moon left.

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I am very comfortable with this option, thank you! I’ll go re-read Phillip Jose Farmers To your scattered bodies go again in celebration.


And New-U costs $$.

Not everybody desires or wants to pay for immortality, not knowing if you’re going to perish and at that time of death do you even have funds to pay for it?

I know GB says they aren’t cannon, but I have my reasons lol - not everyone buys life insurance even tho it probably makes sense. Vault Hunters going into full-time active duty pay for New-U because they know as long as VH’s be killing VH’s be getting paid.

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