Casino loot level for borderlands

Okay so I’m staying at Bally’s hotel/casino right now for A.C. Beer fest 2016, as I’m sitting here gambling and getting drunk I’m looking at how awesome it would be if a borderlands loot level was in casino form. You go through fight enemies and randomly slots come to life and attack you, those slots have extra chance to drop legendaries. The level would fit with the whole greed aspect of the corporations and such.

It could be included in bl3 as a level, or a dlc and the storyline could be that the vault hunters are on vacation at a casino resort and the dlc can be modeled after Atlantic City. Boardwalk, grand entrance to the casino and all. Bigger and better is what I’m envisioning.

Yep, you’re drunk :slight_smile:


If the raid boss is going to be Drumpf the Invincible, complete with Bluster and Power Hair attacks, I’m in…

Lol well I was drunk when I started the post sober as a bird when I finished it lol