Casual Co-Op Search

Hello and greetings, my fellow Vault Hunters!

I am Ninja and I am here with a limited time chance looking for any casual co-op opportunities. By “limited time chance” I mean I only have a short window open starting now and ending in several hours. But, there is a second window starting at about 6:30pm EST tonight and lasting much, much longer.

But, I’m currently playing at OP0 (plain ole standard lv.72) with my Gaige (aka Sparx) and occasionally I’ll switch to my Krieg (aka Mr. Blasty) who is only lv.63 and not done with the UVHM story missions (and in need of updated gear). I’m currently doing a casual farm through the Tiny Tina DLC in search of a COM. And also casually farming midgets in Sawtooth Cauldron. I’m not after anything in particular, just like doing it. (Although I do have a few items I actually need, but it’s not urgent) Same with trying to get Vermivorous spawn. I like teasing Varkids just to do it.

So, if you can handle a bit of repetition with occasional spikes of intensity send me a message.
The best way to get a hold of me asap is to:

#!!:warning:!! Message my PSN:


Well that’s a right bugger, i’m on pc. We could have chatted about “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” while we killed all living things on Pandora.

Cross platform play … HURRY UP!!! :relaxed:

Honestly, I’m a little torn on which platform I’ll be advancing to when Borderlands 3 drops…my buddy Ancient is gonna swap to Xbox One and I think Zombie is going PS4. I’m torn between PC and PS4…most likely will end up PS4 because it’ll be easier to get that than a proper usable PC, you know, financially speaking…

(Broke girl, stage left)

I was in a bit of a bind my self with a dying “*box” and ended up with an old office pc that i put an equally old graphics card into and it’s cost me about $150 Aus, or $70-$80 US and nothing against my old “*box” but it runs rings around it and i’ll never go back myself, but most of my gaming mates thought this game was too hard, or they were too busy so i didn’t miss the co-op part of as much as you might, and that’s important … but don’t rule out pc to soon, although Bl3 may be a bit tougher to run but i get a solid 72 fps with this bit of junk (Dell 3110) :thumbsup:

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My stepbrother is hounding me about playing DBZ: Xenoverse and Battlefield on PS4 with him. But I dislike fighting games because of how repetitive it gets with its gameplay. I told him I belong to the Borderlands now and he scoffed at me, saying that it was too easy. When prompted, he told me he played with a buddy of his (splitscreen in UVHM) forever ago and they were just wrecking things. So basically, he played an already made character, possibly on regular 72, and thought that was all there was. Too boring and too easy.


But I dunno. Haven’t got a pc period and the hubby has games he wants as well, so it might just be a convenience decision. Or maybe…I do BOTH!
No, that’s crazy…

So crazy…it…just…might…WORK!!!
(-insert evil laughter here-)

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Hey i will play with you on UVHM but if you want i can help u with Your op levels.


I’ve already got two characters at OP8, I just prefer to play at OP0 most of the time. All my other characters haven’t even hit 72 just yet. But I’ll add you as soon as I can if you want to play just for the heck of it.