Casual Gamer Getting Frustrated

Gotta say, between Killavolt and the Katagawa Ball, I’m about ready to quit the game. I play solo, and these bosses are bunk. Can’t beat either. And forget about leveling up and coming back, because they level up with you and just get even MORE impossible to beat. How about switching to Easier level for the boss battle to just get through it so you can continue on with the story (like the Easier mod SAYS IT IS FOR). Nope. EXACTLY AS DIFFICULT AS BEFORE. And what’s up with there not being vending machines by boss battles anymore? I burn through all my ammo and my only options are to either go back to Sanctuary and either have to run or fight my way through an impossibly long board again or quit and restart a dozen times and clear out the chests before dropping into the boss area. I just don’t even know what to do. I want to keep playing, but what’s even the point? Better gear isn’t going to help (I’ve got purples and legendaries in every slot). And what the hell is up with Katagawa healing? FFS! I don’t want an impossible challenge. I want a fun, loot gathering game that I can occasionally split screen with a buddy that is funny and bloody. I don’t, at all, want what I’ve got right now, which is impossible to beat. Keep these bosses the starting level. If this dude was level 15 still, I could beat him. Instead, he just keeps scaling more difficult.


Not sure if it’ll help but the The Boo + SMG (you get it from a quest… i don’t remember which one) does work on the Katagawa ball. Just keep reloading the gun and let the turrets do the bulk of the work for you

Killavolt is probably one of the most difficult bosses in the game if you don’t have the right set-up so don’t kill yourself over him


I just played and faught Killavolt… He’s nothing like he was before. At least for me.

I beat him before the hotfix on normal and TVHM… both were dumb fights.

The most recent normal mode battle was dumb, but for very different reasons- it was stupidly easy.

I was getting absolutely destroyed by the Troy Calypso, even though I had a 19k shield, that makes me invulnerable on break, and a skill that restores a portion of shield on break. After he one-shotted me about 7-8 times in a row, I just restarted my game.

Somehow that completely fixed it. The boss was back to dealing normal damage, and I could fight normally. I don’t understand it, but I was getting insanely frustrated for a minute.


there is more enemies you might find difficult like warden, billy the anointed, troy, agonizer.

just keep at it.

you can also get help online.


I feel your pain. It was those 2 Bosses specifically, and Troy that made me rage quit and never touch this game again. I love the mobbing in this game, It’s far superior and more balanced than BL2, BUT these Bosses in BL3 are just a pathetic joke on the player, they honestly need a nerf if you want players to enjoy your game and see all the content available

Don’t underestimate grenades in this game, they are very powerful now, I used a Hex Mirv to take down Troy, I found all my weapons were useless against him, and he was constantly 1 shotting me and putting me in fight for your health every freaking second of this garbage boss fight


I remember Katagawa healing, but don’t remember Katagawa-Ball healing. Are you having trouble with Katagawa-ball, or with Katagawa with legs? Big difference in strategy.

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With Killavolt it helps to know that you can jump up on the ammo crates to avoid electricity on the floor if you need to.

Also, you can either rush in and melee him or blast him with a shotgun to make him stagger and drop his shield for a moment. When he is staggered you can unload some damage in him. Also if you can unload into Killavolt from behind he takes a lot of damage. So stagger him then you your slide to quickly manuever in behind him.

With Kata Ball I just used cover and line-of-site to avoid his range attacks while laying into him with range if my own.

There is about of geometry you can take advantage of fighting Kata. Also, he shouldn’t be healing. That’s odd.

If you get downed just remember what happened not in your favor and adjust your tactics accordingly.

You will persevere vault hunter!


50% agreement from me. Killavolt is a really frustrating Boss and I skipped him on all my other characters until I managed to get my hands on a shock-immunity shield which completely breaks the fight (heads-up for the devs). Thank god its a side mission.

The Kata ball tho was one of the most EPIC fights in the game for me. It was hard as nails and it kept me on my toes but at the end I had a Brick moment…you know…


And it remains that way. Whenever any of my characters gets to that boss I m getting really excited because I like it so much :slight_smile:


Did Killavolt last night, didn’t find him too much of a pain. The floor is well-telegraphed whenever it’s about to light up (and he normally does a windup animation to trigger it) - just make sure you save a couple of random mooks (they drop into the arena periodically) if you get a bad case of the Shocks (as I did once or twice).

Don’t let him handle you from range - keep closing the gap (with any class - SMGs and shotguns are good here). Keep melee attack pressure up to stagger the shield or get behind him wherever possible - his crit spot is his backpack (not his head, annoyingly).

…and his crotch

Killavolt’s bug where the entire arena becomes electrified was patched, so the fight is much more reasonable.

As for Katagawa ball, fight just sucks if you aren’t prepared tbh. If you go down, overspheres will come out for you to kill, but they won’t be around if you never go down, so you don’t get to use your kill skills for it. They also can come out across the room, where you can’t reach them. IMO this fight just needs a couple of adds sprinkled in even if you never go down.

Yes it is screwed up in that leveling does not help you, but even if you kill the boss in normal mode at a high level ( and they also match your level ) there loot does not scale to your level at all but the boss sure did.

My Moze build is totally stopped at Troy right now on normal mode. I have over 2k HP, and all most 2.5k shield, and one round ball hits me and I am in FFYL, and there are to often not even a low mob to shoot.

I try to stay distant, so the spread on the balls is big, but Troy closes the gap instantly, and instantly spams the round balls before I can get away…

I just can not beat him when every attack he has one shots me. He is a bullet sponge, and all I have top do is make one mistake, and money gone, and restart it all over again.

I am just doing all the side missions on her now, as I can not progress past Troy :frowning:

Killavolt don’t level with you, In the first run at least, I get him L13 and he kill me after 15min fight (and 3 death) so I let him die old… I get to him 10 level later and he was still L13, so I burn him to death.
You can also bring a friend and the fight is just a joke.

For Troy I died 3 time, and I was 5 or 10 level above him.
The fight is exactly what is not “fun” in this kind of games : The one shot mechanism…
I kill him with the OP radiation grenade spam and running around. You just have to do no mistake.

Which Character are you playing annnd what level are you?

Worth noting about KataBalla is that his weapon arms can be destroyed. The health gate nukes come out of two side mounted Launchers which, if targeted, can be destroyed to make it so he can’t do that again. There’s a lot of hiding places for you too. Open crates as you run around. Your first victory against him is gonna be made using hit and run tactics.

Corrosive or Cryo (which…you won’t really have) is good on his first bar, and shock is best on his other two.

I liked running a tediore shot gun with homing on my first fight with him. I fired it like normal and let it reload naturally

The ball is easy. Theres a spot on the map, its a square thing with 2 pipes that come out of it and go into the floor. Go down the platform stairs its up against a wall.all his attacks miss you, just pop out shoot pop in. Switch sides as needed

This is exactly what I did. Took a bit longer but was fine to finish him off. Remember folks you can always drop down to “ easy mode” for the boss fights if your having difficulty. Another method I used and one that has worked very well is the legendary gun I got from Gigimind that when thrown becomes small creatures that run out and fight for you. Between these and my spiderant on FL4k it provides enough distraction to get some Crits in.

I wish i could give 5 likes for that comment hahaha​:joy::joy::joy:

LOL.! I have it set easy mode, and Troy still one shots me. or the round balls do…

Troys lunge attack does not seem to do that, but he instantly flings the Balls, and I have no time to get distance from him, and am again one shot by one ball hit.

It has become quite frustrating, as it is a game stopper… I can not advance in the story at all with Moze. I had no problems with my Siren and beat him on Normal, and TVH with her no problem.

EDIT>>> But did that before the game was patched if that makes a difference.

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…do you have points in Thin Red Line?