Casual Jakobs Allegiance Axton (Legendary/Unstoppable Pointman COM)

Suggestions for a leveling guide from 1 to 72 in normal, TVHM and UVHM with a Casual Jakobs Allegiance Axton :smiley: With the support of Pointman COM (Legendary or Unstoppable).

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Not based around the pointman com, but

I wouldn’t worry to much about a skill guide for leveling, just respec as needed for whatever gear you find


Unless you have a series of these banked in Sanctuary so you can rotate them out and upgrade as you level up, I’m not sure you will have access to these COMs throughout your career here. As @Piemanlee says, it’s not so much skills for leveling as going after the richest sources of XP you can. That guide spells out the skills pretty well if you’re looking for that sort of guidance, but for your first run through Normal mode, almost anything will work.


Jakobs? Might aswell dump some points into Duty Calls (my fave!), also with points in this those blue Jakobs sniper rifles become more useful

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