Casual que does not mean no skilled players allowed

All these posts are just getting ridiculous. Skilled players and 5 mans are allowed and on perfectly “moral” footing to be playing in “casual”. It’s just expeditious matchmaking, the casual label does not mean what you think it means.

In reality “casual” mean un-fragmented bandaid matchmaking with no ranking so that que times are bearable. “competitive” means skill based matchmaking, at the price of wait times. Competitive does not mean try hards only, despite the moniker.

The only reason there even are two modes is because skilled players WANTED the skill based matchmaking back. Despite what you believe, 90%+ of good players do not enjoy playing against crappy enemy teams. That doesn’t mean good players must always que competitive and wait 20 minutes for a game.

If YOU (talking to noobs/poor players who are complaining) want to avoid the possibility of being matched against good players, then you have the option to que “competitive” and wait for the skill based matchmaking to match you up with other noobs.

I don’t even see the complaints as valid to begin with, I que solo casual more often then I play grouped, and rarely do I get matched with 5 man premades, and often, they either aren’t any good to begin with, and/or are not try harding either. Maybe 1% of the time have I been matched against a try hard premade while solo queing. This is a high skill cap game, so unfortunately (from the complainers perspective) even playing half assed, (which is not a requirement of casua que) skilled players will just preform a lot better. So just because you got stomped does not mean the enemy was trying their damnedest to ruin your day.


Many of us “complainers” are concerned about new players entering what THEY will most likely think of as “casual”, only to be rolled by an impatient 5-man pre-made. Please, don’t pat yourself on the back or underestimate others’ level of skill, when a large portion of the people commenting are concerned about the longevity of the game.


Premades of any size should never even be considered to be locked to only competitive. If I were be locked into strictly competitive with my premade of 3 I would be furious as sometimes we don’t feel like trying our hearts out and just want to relax and have some fun. Now should there be some sort of system to keep premades form facing 5 pugs? Sure but the pop isn’t quite big enough on pc to really restrict players to any one thing.

Your point? That’s not the skilled players fault that the labeling is poor and other people are misunderstanding.

while i do agree with you in essence, you might want to try to verbalize what you’re trying to say a little differently. none of what you say applies to me, but i can see where many will find the way you are saying it be offensive. no need to fight fire with fire. some of the other threads offend me as someone who plays in a premade. we arent going to get anywhere by making an equally offensive thread.

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Is it your intent to come across as antagonistic?

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I’m going to go out on a limb and guess yes, but no more so then people expressly trying to ban teams. You have two buttheads inevitably they will button heads.

It’s not? It’s NOT pre-mades’ fault for not having the decency to back off when they can clearly see that the opposing team is composed of new or unskilled players? Huh… could have fooled me. I’m not saying don’t play casual, because you’re right, that’s not fair to YOU; but maybe back out and re-“Q” if you see an enemy team comprised of new players, because it’s not fair to THEM. It’s called being a decent gamer, and i PRAY that you give it a shot in the future, instead of creating a thread that LITERALLY adds insult to injury.

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I can honestly say I won’t back out, but I will try to even it up a bit as well as surrender to them when we can provided they tried.

You know how all this butthurt on both sides could be fixed? Just remove the stupid bar on the right that shows you are in a premade. No one knows, no one can get mad. Solved. Heck while they are at it they should remove command rank as well.


How exactly does that keep Pre-mades from abusing new players on casual? To me, it sounds like you want to take away the ONE think that gives them a warning before entering a bad match.

Though i agree with the command rank part; that ■■■■ helps NO ONE.


Oh neat, are we doing the thing where we make a statement, receive a reply, and then TOTALLY change the argument we are making while retroactively applying the original reply we received to our new argument? Is that what we are doing today?

To comment on your new argument. Personally, I do back out all the time when I own the lobby. If the average player rank is not at least 50+ (often more depending on time of day/matching speed) or if there are 2 or more single digits. Also, you realize this is not always possible. Sometimes you have zero to milliseconds to leave the que once matched. However, if I didn’t, it would not be your business or right to blame me for playing the game just because your bad or new.

All these posts are acting like skilled players are going out of their way to stomp noobs, and 99% of the time that is a delusion. Again, we ASKED for the skill based matchmaking to come back in some form.

This is not counterstrike, we are not smurfing (making new accounts to have a fresh ranking so we can stomp noobs).

@pizzonage That wasn’t an attack on you, buddy.

I know we good.

Guys lets remember to be calm and collected and avoid getting personal if we wish this to stay open…

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Because many people call it a loss before character select even happens because of a premade or levels. I have been stomped by premades and pugs equally. But I have stomped more premades in a pug or with 1-2 friends with me than they have stomped me. Getting rid of the warning that it is a premade helps because people wont have any clue and wont just give up in the beginning and not try.

Even still I cant believe this is even that big of a problem for people. If I play around 20 games a night I MIGHT see 2-4 5man premades. Hardly even registers as a problem.

Sounds like you’re pretty lucky.

@HandsomeCam if we got gud we wouldn’t need noobs to stomps :wink:

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I don’t understand how having 5 people in the same lobby suddenly makes it a stomp-fest.

It could be a collection of the most useless players in the planet, who just happen to play together.

You and 4 competent randoms could turn them to paste easily, the only thing they may have over you is more efficient communication if they were all wearing mics, but that will count for very little if the ability isn’t there.

I wouldn’t automatically condemn a team of 5 just because they’re a team of 5. Sorry, but for as much as I enjoy this game I’ll take shorter matchmaking times over longer ones, despite being labelled as casual.

As a PC player there never was a separation of casual/competitive using the previous matchmaking system, it just always felt like anyone was thrown in with anyone.

Still does.

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You are not everyone, so it is excusable if you dont understand why some people would have a problem with encountering pre-mades. I also rarely see them, but i also got legendary gear i wanted without having to farm the same mission 30+ times, before the drop-rate change; it’s just RNG. The system played on also makes a difference.

That being said, if you feel pre-mades shouldn’t be forced to play competitive only (i don’t either, this is merely an example), then why should new players have their one way of spying a pre-made (whom they may not want to play against, WHATEVER thier reason may be) taken away. Saying one group should get one thing while another shouldn’t have this option, is about as biased as biased can get.