Cat-alogue: General Cat Discussion

@Kitty_Jo once said “We need a Kitty-can’t-■■■■■■■-read topic” So i decided to make a topic to talk about my cats. I have three cats the oldest one is known as Two-Face but to her close family and friends, Pushka, the second and middle kitten is known as The Great Catsby but to her close close family and friends, Sadie, and last but certanly not least Meowcifer, Grayson to close family and friends. Pictures to come soon


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No idea what this thread is about…

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I said it in the second sentence

And what does that have to do with @Kitty_Jo s inability to read?

Absolutely nothing, she said that in a comment about something she misread and said it should be a title so it is. i just made it about my cats, my wife and I have three

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That’s horrible but I can’t stop laughing and I’m at work which isn’t good because this isn’t work

Is where this kind of started, sort of.

I would have personaly called it Cat-alog - General cat discussion but thats just me.

exactly but I failed to read… just like her. But its okay cause cats!

Damn… That’s actually really good. Can I steal it?

Sure do as you please, take either catalog or catalogue.
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Cool cool, good luck with the thread I know theres a lot of cat lovers here.

[size=6]Id personally add the infront of cat-alogue cause it sounds better but its s nit pick[/size]

This is Meowcifer A.K.A. Grayson he was adopted by us from someone who rescues cats for a hobby and we believe that he is part if not fully Maine Coon which means he will be a big cat! (Don’t know what a Maine Coon is? Google it)


Ohhhhhh A cat Thread.

I’m known as the resident cat guy on my street, currently got 7…

So who wants a long-ish post about em eh :smiley:

First up is my oldest Rummy:
Short for Renny Renay Rum Tum Tugger, 100% pedigree maine coon, Hes very big, 12 years old and has no sense of balance
-Also knows as the resident “sleepy tiger”

Then Tosha: Mother of 2 of my other cats, Calico Beauty, 6 years old And a fussy eater -_-

Then Munchkin: Son of tosha-tabby Male Who will bite everything at least once.

Mini Minx: daughter of Tosha - Small but fat cat, has hamster cheeks, very loving

Next up Is Rusty, A long haired Feral i took in about 2 years ago, I think shes got a bit of maine coon in Her and shes Pretty much a moving blanket.

Last 2 here now

Mikey- named after the ninja turtle Michelangelo, ginger Hes 7 months old, And once hes on his back cant seem to get back upright. brother to Aela

And Last but not least My Tiny kitty, Aela Also 7 months old Shes tiny, still the same size she was at 4 months old, Tiny tiny tiny kitty :3 Loves cucumber…like…goes insane over it xD

Well Thats mah kittys :stuck_out_tongue: Any questions :wink:

its worth noting i shall be getting Back the mother of Mikey and Aela In a month since she was ill and being looked after by a friend of mine. So yeah 8 kittys in one house xD

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Chewy the Chewbacca was having another one of his crazy cat moments. That was about ten minutes of playfighting before he tuckered out lmao. Now hes flopped on his back looking all stoned wtf… xD. He was worse as a kitten, nom attacks when you least expect it!

Hes a very unusual and quite intelligent cat. He knows when I have to go to work, and gets upset and goes under the bed. When I come home, hes so happy hes flopping on his back in a show-belly-fest for 5 minutes!

Such a strange bond with him, we know each other too well, like a bizarre physic link. Maybe that’s what the “witch familiar” thing is all about. Same with the birds, they know when a flock member is coming home and start to call for me.

Here’s a quick photo of the pooped cat that turned out hilarious… those eyes!

He also likes his cave of death. Dare to stick your fingers in there!


Just one thing to say, PICTURES!!