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:smiley: I’ve been playing CAT for about a three months now. Went through the campaign about two dozen times, modding and tweaking it as I go. It really does have some cool features. My idea of a perfect game would be to combine HW and CAT exclusive features into one game… and leave HW2 features out of it. HW2 doesn’t compare to the raw HW/CAT games. With all their sub par graphics. HW and CAT are much more entertaining.

This should tell us all something about gaming. It’s not about graphics quality alone. It’s about perspective and immersion. It’s about the whole package and not just about eye candy.


True, but…Cata would look a thousand times cooler in the Remastered engine. :smiley:

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…but. Would it perform the same way? HW1RM was a disaster. I mod and play HW but not HWRM. It’s still too broken.

Sentinels are probably the ones that will get screwed the hardest. Continuum has an idea they use for docking, and rufusshinra i think has a solution for ammo that i’m not smart enough to understand.

And of course, there’s infection beams… >_>

That being said, I think we’re closer than ever to it being possible. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget Mimics. Those would be hard the get working I think. And how would you balance the Siege Cannon?

The infection beam was one of the best features of CAT. The capturing procedures are another. This is what STC needs for a Borg assimilation procedure/weapon.

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