Cataclysm/harmony build

Hi everyone, recently started a maya playthrough just started tvhm and wondering what I should prioritize. I know I want to take the point out of backdraft because for my Playstyle it’s useless. Is immolate worth 5 points or should I just take some of those and put into harmony? Also I’ve read on the build forums that blight phoenix tends to set off barrels near you and put you into FFYL easily so I don’t want to do that. Is helios worth putting points into? Should I take points out of flicker and allocate them somewhere else? Sorry for all the confusion and questions but I recently abandoned a lol 59 mania/bloodless Krieg because I got bored with the repetitive rtb because that was the only way to kill enemies in uvhm due to his lack of Slag and I just got uvhm2 and the headhunters and want to take maya all the way through so I can say that I took the full journey I don’t want to stop with her any tips would be appreciated. (FYI I don’t want links to some bodies build that requires specific gear) I’m lvl 34 just left southern shelf on my way to sanctuary, my Playstyle I would like to do is not having to stop for anything fast fluid gameplay(yes I know about the twisted pimp again heavy gear reliance TWISTEr PIMPErnel going to get those Guns at some point just not now)image

You can post your build using the skill calculator. Anyway, I’d go with this for right now. Max out Sweet Release, then Wreck. After that, go with Ward, Suspension, Converge, and Inertia. So at level 57 you should look like this. Where you go from there is up to you. If you want Scorn, grab Mind’s Eye, Subsistence, and Life Tap. If not, grab Quicken and anything else that strikes your fancy. If you’re going with Thoughtlock, make sure you grab Subsequence as well.

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Awesome and I think scorn is more for me 2 kinds of Slag I think is going to be awesome in uvhm would I be able to get scorn and still be able to at least get fleet ward and converge?

Actually just used the calculator don’t think I’ll be able to do that with the skills in harmony that I want I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it thank you gulf for your help when I play next I’ll respec cataclysm then start making my way towards scorn and see how that works out for me

You should be able to. I wouldn’t bother with Fleet unless you’re going to use a Rough Rider though.

Anytime. Scorn’s pretty powerful, but you have to build up to it because it’s hard to get two capstones sometimes, especially when there are so many good skills to get. But Maya’s pretty versatile no matter how you build her so go with what you have the most fun with, not what everybody says you should. :wink:

Looks good to me for TVHM but I’d suggest adding Mind’s Eye and Accelerate to add to your damage- nothing makes for a smooth play style like killing your foes more quickly…:sunglasses:

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I run this.
You can replace inertia with fleet if you want but I wouldn’t suggest it, unless your not playing the op levels than you should be fine,

I always put at least two points in Sweet Release to begin with. Always nice to have some healing available. But after that, I do a lot of respecing when I level up a Siren.

Ward and Converge are my priorities when I go for mobbing areas. Depending on which COM’s I get, I switch out Cataclysm, and pick Wreck, Elated and/or Mind’s Eye instead. With a good Trickster COM, I can either go for Kinetic Reflection or Chain Reaction.

Although there are some really great skills in the Cataclysm tree, you don’t really “need” Reaper or Ruin in TVHM. As long as your guns are up to par, you should be alright when it comes to dps anyway. The only exceptions would be when you take on certain bosses. But even then you should be OK. It will just take a bit longer.

Take a moment to think about what type of resistance you’ll be facing, and build accordingly!

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Doesn’t accelerate mess with some guns and make them worse?

After thinking about it I am going to go with inertia, gulfWulf brought a good point up why would I spec into a skill that’s only active when my shields down, since the only shield that is worth it is RR I honestly don’t want it i ran a RR on my Krieg and I want to mix it up a bit but thanks for the tip :laughing:

Wait you didn’t tell me to go with fleet lol I gotta stop drinking

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Anybody have any experience with plague fox coms? Just got one from the golden key chest and it boosts 2 of my skills that I’m already fully specced into by 2 points (helios and reaper) but then it gives me +3 to blight phoenix. My current com is a green cunning binder with only 2 points for reaper is it a better idea to take a point out of minds eye and put into blight phoenix for the time being till I can find a better com?

They don’t necessarily make them worse. On guns where the bullets split, you’ll notice that the bullets travel further before they split. With the Pimpernel, you’ll need to aim lower to get the split where you want it. This can be a problem on some enemies. I personally never spec in Accelerate when I use the Pimp, but some people do.

On normal guns, Accelerate is all good.

All the above seems great,on a different note if you go down the Cat tree Immolate is better than flicker. Immolate because of where it is in the formula gives a massve damage boost to your FFYL damage, Flicker has uses but it won’t out perform Immolate. That aside play around and find what perks you like, in TVHM playing smart gets you through no matter your gear or build.

So what you’re saying is shotguns have less of a spread?

The Pimp isn’t a shotgun, it’s a sniper rifle. Some shotguns have a very tight spread while others are all over the place. Hyperion and Jakobs are pretty tight whereas Torgue and Bandit are all over the place.

Oh I know that, geez I’m not that much of a noob the only shotguns I use are hyperion and most recently the striker when I found out it’s accuracy is insane, just asking because if accelerate decreases spread then I would spec into that(sucks it doesn’t work on flakker then I could make blut proud)

I didn’t say you were. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t. It only increases gun damage and bullet speed, which is why it’s not good paired with the Pimp.

I think what he’s asking is if accelerate will make shotguns more accurate.
To OP, I believe it does, since the pellets have less air time to spread apart. Its pretty noticeable in TPS with Aurelia and the Flayer. Even without Duchess stacks it’s pretty accurate just because of the bullet speed.

That’s what I was saying and what I figured( less time in air=less spread) any body know of any kind of guide for that skill?

I don’t have the technical info to back this up, but I would still say: “No, it doesn’t!”

The pellets will travel further before they split, but it will not change the angle from the point where they leave the gun barrel. I don’t know of a guide on this, but it’s very easy to test for yourself. Shoot at a wall that leaves imprints. Do it with and without Accelerate.

Zero has a skill called Velocity that does the same. He also has a skill called Precision, and with this skill you get tighter spreads.