Cataclysm Motion
And Legendary Cat which adds +5 mind’s eye, +5 wreck, +5 accelerate, +5 reaper, +5 foresight.

Blight Phoenix is terrible, you’ve spread points into skills that don’t really need to be in a build unless it’s a specific one, which this isn’t. Try this instead.

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Your build is kinda all over the place. :smiley: @Vinterbris build is more in line with what I’d recommend. The only changes I’d make on it are to only go 1/5 in both Accelerate and Mind’s Eye. That’s just so you can reap the benefits from the COM. There are better skills to use those points on. Elated is a great skill, and 5/5 in that is a great way to stay alive. The remaining 3 points depend on your choice of gear. If you wanna use the Sandhawk or plasma casters, you can always put them back in Accelerate to buff the projectile speed.

Your choice of shield will decide if the points in Inertia are worth it or not. Shields like the Bee, with a long delay, rely heavily on Inertia, while shields like purple Tediores, Blockade or Antagonist can handle things without Inertia. Since you’re running a Legendary Cat COM, you need the cooldown bonus from Quicken, and thus you need to spec in something to get there. Inertia is a great choice for that. But if you decide to go for a Legendary Siren instead, the cooldown comes with the COM. Quicken will still make the cooldown shorter, but it’s not as important as on a L. Cat build.

Which way you decide to go is totally up to you. UVHM is definetly manageable without a lot of healing, but it will help you survive from time to time. Especially if you’re new to tha game. The OP levels are much less forgiving, and for that I definetly recommend going down the Harmony tree to get some Sustenance and Life Tap. And when you’ve reached that far… Why not put a point in Scorn? A really good way to slag enemies in between phaselocks.

Some of Maya’s skills may not look very badass at first. Neither Converge nor Ruin will kill enemies on their own, but when they are teamed up with some of the other skills… That’s when you suddenly realize that you have a badass siren in your hands. Synergy is the key word for a successful playthrough with Maya. Best of luck to you! :wink:


You cannot go into Cataclysm without Ruin - V’s build has it spec’d. Go with that.

Actually I agree with this, I thought it once i’d posted it :slight_smile:

Excellent advice. :thumbsup:

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I like Blight Phoenix. It works well with Life Tap. You do need to be close to enemies though so it’s not for a long distance build…

Definitely go with Ruin, life at 72 plus is possible without it but much harder.

And Scorn shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s often seen as a weaker version of Ruin but that’s not the case. It clears the air of projectiles and can slag an entire room in one go. The trick is to aim slightly over enemies’ heads and it does the work itself.


Gr8t b8 m8 I r8 8/8