Cataclysm Source Audio?

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I have heard mentions here and there that, while Cataclysm’s source code is still missing, the original uncompressed source audio for Cataclysm was picked up alongside HW1’s source audio.

Thus, I have several questions.

• Does Gearbox have the original, uncompressed source audio (music, voices, sound effects, etc) for Cataclysm, despite not having the rest of the source code?

• If the answer to the first question is ‘yes’, then would it be possible for Gearbox to make that source audio available to the Homeworld community somehow? Even if Cataclysm’s hard-coded limits prevent us from using it in the original game, we can surely make use of it via mods in Homeworld: Remastered, yes?

• If the answer to the second question is ‘yes, it can be made available’, then why has Gearbox not done so by now?

I do hope these questions can be answered, lest they remain pure speculation and rumours…

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(Caal-Shto) #2


@herobrine101902 made The Homeworld Cataclysm Remastered mod has Cataclysm Music, Sound FX and Speeh

(Jeremy) #3

He is using the compressed, lossy audio files from Cataclysm’s public release. I am asking whether Gearbox has the uncompressed, lossless source audio for Cataclysm, despite not having the rest of Cataclysm’s base source code.

I was under the impression that the source audio was stored separately from the base source code, hence why Cataclysm’s source audio was ‘supposedly’ recovered.

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Gearbox never owned any of the source materials for Cataclysm. That game was created by Barking Dog Studios many years prior. Long before Gearbox had anything to do with Homeworld.

Official word is that the source files went missing when Barking Dog went bankruptcy or was bought off. I can’t quite recall it right now.

Studios in general seem to act rather sloppy when it comes down to securing their source materials. At least back in the 90s - 2000s.

Gearbox Hl : Opposing Force, Barking Dog Studios Cataclysm, Blizzard Starcraft (recovered recently) etc.

(Jeremy) #5

I take it that includes not having the original audio assets? Cuz I found this:

Relevant bit here:
All music and sound assets (VO, dialogue, etc.) are still archived at Studio X Labs, last I checked, at best quality – theoretically the base Cataclysm, using just a retail copy, could have it’s sound up-scaled, since it’s no longer constrained to a CD.

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(Sastrei) #6

As far as we know, Paul Ruskay does still have the original Cataclysm soundtrack audio. I believe he’s said as much on Twitter or Facebook. I’d rather see them release the audio as a DLC soundtrack, that way we can buy the music and do whatever we want with it.

As for the VO and SFX, I’m surprised those might still be archived and available, but if so, there may be legal issues in transferring them to Gearbox’s control (they are not necessarily part of the license, they are part of the work a studio did on a game for the license, under a previous contract).

Edit: Looking at their portfolio page, I don’t think they worked on Cataclysm, just HWR and DOK.

(Jeremy) #7

Hm… some further digging reveals another company name; “Headroom Studios”. They are indicated as having specifically worked on the SFX for Cataclysm, and are (were?) also based in Vancouver, Canada.

I wonder if those guys are still around…

Edit: I also found this list on IMDb, with three names listed under “Sound Department”; Terry Jones, Rob Plotnikoff, and Roger Savoie.

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