Catalyst Class Mod Question

I have two identical Catalyst Class Mods with one difference: One is Maliwan, the other Anshin.

They are both 30 cooldown, 3 phoenix, 4 girl power, 3 intuition, 33 team shield regen, with a sell price of $2284580.

My question is, is there any difference between the two? They look slightly different and, again, one is Maliwan, the other Anshin. Is there a hidden difference?

There is no hidden stat, they are exactly the same.

What about when the same two mods have the same specs, but one has a lower price than the other?

The exact same, but with a different price. I thought I had heard that there were hidden stats on some of these, or maybe they just function differently or something?

These two classmods have different parts, Maliwan is 650, Anshin is 660 so that’s why they have different price, I think.

I’ve never heard of any hidden differences, but I know from my experience that one is rarer than the other, for example Atlas Marcenary with Ammo Regen where usually are Dahl or Vladof Gunslinger with Ammo Regen most of the time these are S&S.

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There has to be a reason for the price difference, though. It couldn’t be just because of the part. The part itself must impact performance somehow, right? Or is it purely cosmetic in this case?

I would think so, logically it makes sense, if it has a different part, that part should work differently, but this is Borderlands so… Also there is no evidence to prove otherwise.

So for now, I would say this.