CATCH A FLY! With guuuuuuuns

Alright, so for all NON-toads (not saying they aint ok ribbit) I just wanna say

we need some JETS in our video game experience, because hot DARN I wanna fly while hunting for vaults.

Them cars from Catch-a-RIIIIIIIIIIDE guy? Too slippery, those wheels need some extra traction, get them all terrains on!

Make it cool like a fast air cabrio. with guuuuuuuuuns.

Cuz flying feeeeels good. Trudging thru empty space is SOOOOO yesterday, broskis.

Thanks for hangin :wink: toodles ya lovely vault huntie hunters <3


I think the driver seats for all vehicles should also double for jaccuzis, my skin gets really dry when I drive and I don’t wouldn’t want that for the upcoming vault hunters!

Also, it’s difficult for me to keep ahold of the wheel with my fins, could we get some extra pedals for turning, that’d be a great help!


Personally I love the hovercraft effect from Scarlet and Hammerlock DLC’s.
So what we really need is a Tokyo drift map. Just add boost pad and it would be awesome!

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I’ve got some hopes for that vehicle with the repulsors, looks cool. Hoping it’ll be smooth.


My questions atm on vehicles is if the choice options impacts more on the vehicle than cosmetics outside of weapons. I’m sure I seen 1 of the vehicles with atleast 3 different wheel options on it.