Catch-A-Gun! What Epic/Legendary Would You Look For First?

Borderlands 3 is coming in September, but I admit to being curious… what epic/legendary or unique weapon would everyone look for first, if they could?

Personally, I’d look for the Borderlands 3 equivalent of Amigo Sincero, the Fight for Sanctuary side-quest reward sniper that ignores shields. For as much as I love using a variety when it comes to weapons, this one has rapidly proven my favorite non-elemental sniper rifle for dealing with Loaders and Nomads.

Probably not the answer you thought about, but I would fancy pretty much everything that isn’t something I already know. If I hunt down gear early in BL3, then it will just be to experience more new stuff. I want to see all the new mechanics and the little, meaningful advancements BL3 has to offer, nothing that I already got in the other games.

When I have played my first 100 hours of BL3, then I can begin to look for specific gear, but until then, I’ll just let the game surprise me. The grind and farm for perfection will come soon enough.

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I want a Storm. That’s it. I love my lightning rifle soooo much.

That’s the only Return Item is care about. New stuff will make me giggle

Oh you mean this thing?


The Maliwan charge mechanic looks a little slow on the snipers, so fingers crossed that it’s not clunky at launch. But you’ll probably be using it on Amara who has From Rest and all the shock and elemental damage.

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This would be the centerpiece of a Wildfire Fist Sniper Build. Not even gonna lie, the charge time could be a pain and I’d just learn to manage it. I play what feels and looks and fits with my ideal dream of what a character can be, and sometimes that means of play with things no one else seems to like :joy:

Shredifier. Gotta be that. Im playong moze’s bottomless mag skill tree and that weapon combined with that skill tree. Brutal. Has two rotating barrels and its alt fire (on the one i saw) gives it a bi pod. Turns it into a bullet lazer. And dont forget the addition fire damage every four to five shots with the bottomless mag build. With that fire rate it would be like…every sec. Mmmm endless shred and burn

New stuff. The weirder the better.


Well, the Shredifier is back in BL3, so there you go.

Maybe the Flakker could return. I mean, the pun alone of having a Fl4k flakking enemies with a Flakker should be worth it.

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I want gun from Moxxi, which speaks with her voice

“nice shot sugar”

“hehe you do know how to make party go wild”


The new Faisor: (2:11)

After that probably the Twister, Bulldog or Thunderstorm.

Don’t know how Amara will play in later game, so I don’t know which one of my old favorites I would want to return.

Speaking purely on aesthetics, and how much I’d miss it;


Never had a gun speak more to my soul.

Any corrosive-locked weapons the game has, especially if they’re shotguns

I want to see a totally new weapon meta but I will have a hard time letting go of BL2’s grenades. I mean, how cool are the stormfront, fastball, quasar, skyrocket, bonus package. Or the crown jewel of utility grenades, longbow slag transfusions. BL2 grenades were incredibly memorable and important to basically every playstyle.

When I learned the quasar was going to be in BL3, it pretty much made my day

On a crit: “Mmm that hit the spot”

On reloading an empty mag: “That was a big load sugar”

Reloading a with bullets left in the mag: Cheeky giggle “That was premature”

Yes, we need this gun!

OT: We need more SWORDSPLOSION! Every game needs a gun that shoots explosive swords, BECAUSE REASONS!

The Hellfire has been in all three games, bring it back and make it as good as it was in BL1.

More multi-element weapons. The Thunderfire was one of the best guns in the series, we need more of it. I’ll farm any and all dual element guns in the hope that at least one is good as the Thunderfire or Tsumami.


The Florentine was always a fun SMG. Shock and Slag at the same time? Yes please. Not the strongest out there, but it’d certainly strip shields in short order.

…I wonder how they’d implement it in BL3… Shock/Radiation and Fire/Corrosive?

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A Maliwan gun that has hyperfast/instant charge.

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If this gun comes, I am gonna tip Moxxi with all the money I got

(which I did in Borderlands 2)

how about airstrike granede ?

Some kind of a Synergy. Love that little fast thing