Catch a guuunnn , giveaway

details can be found on the old forum. id repost or move it here but 1 I type sllloooowww, and 2 don’t know how

You could at least put a link here

not trying to be snippy but see #2

You literally just press edit on the old forums, and copy paste it over here. Pretty simple

all you need to do to post a link is to post the link. Go to the post you are talking about, copy the link and post it in your OP.

I did it !! hooray

I’m angrywaffle2 on 360. What’s your gt?

gt is rebornhellspawn

thank you to all who participated, I hope it helps. if you missed it , im sorry make no mistake I tried to contact everyone who entered by live or forums. I even went a far as to go to the people who could not connect.

but if you need something , send me a message on live , the worst I can say is I don’t have it . and please pay it forward

well, it’s been over a month. and with the impending update arriving soon, I believe now would be a good time as any to prepare those for their trek from 60 to 70. I believe that I will do this sometime mid week, I’ll leave it up so a few people can read it and attempt to reply or sign GT is rebornhellspawn. drop me a message here or through xbox.

this time around I will only be dropping level 60s.however with that said I have a large cache of legendaries, uniques, and always the floor is first come first serve .however if you are looking for specific items please send me a list of them and I will try to tuck them away somewhere for you.

also please be prepared for possible connectivity issues, but as many people who have gone through my floor will tell you I will make every effort if you cannot connect to bring what you want to you . so drop me a line on here or live an let’s prepare to gear up

so not a single person sent me a message about the giveaway this time …and yet there are looking for post…hmmm . tisk tisk

hey, just saw this! Still have any guns or oz kits/shields available at 60??