Catch a ride bug

Is anyone else having an issue where they go to register a vehicle at the catch a ride for it’s new parts and just as the animation of you leaving the vehicle starts the game freezes and kicks you to the ps4 error screen?

Yeah I’m having this exact same issue, happened a few times last night so just quit playing and thought I’d try again today, happened another 2 times so far. You figure it out at all?

I’ve loaded several vehicles without problem. Today is the first time I’ve run into the issue. Happens every time just as you described.

I actually just got it to work by jumping out of the vehicle while it’s moving and letting it roll into the pad.

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Yeah I’ve been having an issue to I thought an update was going to fix it but I tried to play again today and it did it to me three more times

Same here, is happening every time so far on loading the Ellie vehicle in Promethea, the first one, I’m on a mission with Lorelai and don’t know if is conflicting in something, I do have a PS4 slim and I know is no the best performance so ever

Had that bug also in the beginning.
The way i got around it whas driving with speed towards a catch a ride station and hit the exit vehicle button right before it enters the platform. The vehicle will be turned in and the game doesn’t crash.
Somehow the mission complete animation playing the same time as exiting the vehicle animation causes a crash. By starting the exit vehicle animation just before the vehicle gets taken in the catch a ride system it apparently doesn’t crash

I get the Freeze when you get the Ride near the Homestead side Mission. You try to turn in the car for the part the game freezes up when you get out during the animation. On the PS4 with all current update and patches. Does it when on-line and off.