Catch A Ride Loadouts Wont Save

I’ve noticed on a New Character that the 1st 3 Loadout on Catch A Ride do not save any changes.
Only 4th and 5th Loadouts can I save custom settings.

ANyone else seeing this?

There are 5 loadouts on Xbox?

They added 2 more at some point.
My first 3 I cannot save anything. They keep resetting back to default.

I’m pretty sure I have three on PS4, and it saves as always. Maybe that’s a case.

I’m on XB1 and I don’t remember seeing more than three loadouts. Maybe a save file issue going on? Is anything else not saving between sessions?

Ok so my Zane character is the only one showing 5 loadouts.
Only 4 and 5 remember what I set them to.

Yeah, that sounds pretty broken. Is that the only thing on your Zane acting up?

It appeared to be the only issue. I ended up deleting the character.
Tried deleting local game data but that did not correct the issue. My Zane was my oldest character but sat at level 12 for months because I was so in to Moze. He was level 25 when I deleted him lastnight.
Created a new Zane and jumped him to 13. He only has 3 Loadouts and they appear to work.
So I only have to redo some of the story.

Yeah - the corrupted save would have been cloud sync’d by now, so there would be no way around it. You basically have to catch these things and delete the local before it gets sync’d, which is tricky if you don’t spot things early enough.

I have no loadouts showing at my Catch a Ride station. And when I hijack and try to upload one of the new rides in DLC 3, it doesn’t save it. Just shows empty.

Same here, but only in DLC3. (Main game vehicles work fine for me.)
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