Catch A Ride presets not saving, but only on one character

Me again. Just started playing more with an alternative character for a bit- my main is Zane, just booted up Amara a week or so ago- and when I got to Promothea and got the cyclone, I then noticed that i had 5 presets on the catch a ride system rather than 3. However, if I edit the vehicle (colour, mods etc), the next time I go to the ride station, they’ll be back to default, all 5 of them. This is ONLY on my Amara, and is still fine on my Zane and Fl4k saves who both only have 3 slots in the ride system and all their presets stay saved. Reloading hasn’t worked as this has been an issue for about a week now, but upon logging and playing tonight for the first time in a bit, I’ve noticed it’s still a problem that hasn’t gone away. It worked when I first played as Amara, but I remember it suddenly acting up not long after meeting with Lorelei. I can’t quite remember the exact events but I remember I was fiddling about with colours on a cyclone, went to r1 (or is it r2?) to scroll to the next preset to start changing colours for my Technical, and suddenly everything reset, and I had 5 instead of 3 pages to scroll through
Seems weird it’s only on one save and not the others. It’s not a huuuuuge issue either way but it sucks because I tend to like the hover cyclone and it’s such a hassle having to program all that back in every time I respawn a vehicle.

I have exactly the same problem on Moze, everything works on Amara, anyone knows what’s going on? probably a bug :unamused:

Catch-a-ride has been bugged for me for a while now. My default vehicle types (technical, outrunner, cyclone) all all there, but no changes I make will save. So every time I conjure up a vehicle, I have to enter my desired loadout. Then if I subsequently enter “Q” for the default, the correct vehicle type comes out, but none of my changes are there … it’s back to the default vehicle for that type. Not a game breaker, as I just use whatever falls out, but QoL is degraded.

I’ve had the same problem ever since Mayhem 2 released. Default car, even if you hit the “respawn vehicle” button outside of the menu.

THAT SAID, funny enough, loadout nº5 does save for me. So every time i enter a catcharide, i press Z to go to loadout 5 and there’s my purple wheel.

It’s still a bothersome bug tho. Good thing on mayhem cars dont escale so customizing them isnt really worth it beyond our favorite wheels, boost and armor…

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I’ll have to try each of the 5 presets and see if any of them save. 1 and 2 don’t for definite, can’t remember if I tried 5. I never use vehicles for anything except getting from a to be anyway so the damage and stuff isn’t important to me at all, so default preset isn’t a huge bummer, but it’d be nice to ride around in a good looking vehicle at least :stuck_out_tongue:
My Zane main has a sweet ass black and neon blue Tron looking floaty cyclone. I want my Amara to have some fun vehicles too :frowning:

This started with the release of MH 2.0. Happens to all of my characters.
Annoying but there’s more important things I would like to see fixed first. PS4 Here…

it doesnt save on 2nd either for me, i think. and so on until 4 if i remember correctly. loadout 5 still stands 1 month after so, idk.
And yeah, better to have a cool skin xd. I have such nice game with purples and blues, makes COV skins look like default mud!

Yeah, there’s other fixes that are more important but this could be part of a bigger problem. Every bug needs reporting, no matter how small it is, even if there’s bigger issues. It’s still a big part of the game that isn’t working as intended as cosmetics and customisation are a very important part of the game. Can you imagine if character skin and heads reset every time you travelled to a new planet? Would be proper ■■■■ when customisation is a big part of the fun.

Happened to me too, somewhat recently. I tried using loadout 5, but that just reset right back.

I mean… yeah, game crashing bugs are more important, of course, but given how often I use cars in the game, it would be nice to not have to rebuild it the way I want to every single time.

Yeah, exactly. We use cars a lot in game and the fact they have a lot of customisation is an important part of that. Not being able to save that means we gotta re-edit every single time or put up with the boring ass default.

anyway to add to this bug research: I actually tried preset 5 last night and it does save for me. I’ve had a fiddle with catch a ride this afternoon and it appears that 3 out of the 5 presets are still working, but the game randomly added 2 more bugged ones.
So for me on my working characters the set up is
1/3 outrunner
2/3 technical
3/3 cyclone
but on my amara where it’s bugged it’s
1/5 outrunner
2/5 outrunner
3/5 outrunner
4/5 technical
5/5 cyclone
4 and 5 still save as intended. Weirdly I tried saving 1/5 and it never saved, tried 2/5 which also didn’t save, tried 3/5 spawned vehicle, went back to the station to see if it had saved, and 1/5 was showing as the edits I did for 3/5. and now 1/5 saves but 3/5 doesn’t… very weird.
Either way it appears 2 extra bugged slots won’t save but 3 will save.

Edit: Hmm, just booted the game back up to play and 1/5 has reset again. So the only ones that so far are saving after reloading the game are 4 and 5. 1, 2 and 3 keep resetting still.

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Yep, not remembering vehicle settings on my most recent character. Haven’t tried on my older characters.

Have you tried the other tabs yet on the catch a ride system? Sorry, my potato of a laptop doesn’t play videos very well, lol, so it’s hard for me to see. If you haven’t, try each tab at least once, as 2 out of the 5 presets I have do actually save, but the other 3 don’t.

I know the “redeploy” feature isn’t working for a lot of people too, but that’s different from the problem I’m personally having.

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It’s weird because on a character I created when the game was released I have 3 loadout slots. On a newer character I have 4 slots, only slot 2 and 4 are saving. Video below.

Yeah similar to my problem too then. My Zane and Fl4k are fine, everything saves and I have the standard 3 loadout slots, but it’s my Amara that’s having issues. She has 5 slots, rather than the normal 3, and only 2 of those 5 slots save, the other slots don’t.

I think you should record a video like I did (simple on the ps4) and put in a support ticket. That’s what I shall do.

Well, great. The “respawn vehicle” thing worked on my very first character… until I stupidly chose to try to set up a few more options, in which case it stopped working again.

OK, so… since the last time I wrote a post here, I’ve made a new character. This one has three vehicle slots, and they do all save my presets, even when I update them with new stuff I get, as long as I don’t change the vehicle type on said slots. I.E. As long as the first one is a regular runner, the second one is a bandit technical and the third one is the monowheel motorbike thing. If I keep the vehicle type in place, it remembers color settings and armament loadouts just fine even when I edit them later. If I try to select a different vehicle for each slot, though, it refuses to remember that loadout, so… good thing I have one of each type, I guess?