Catch-A-Ride Quick Spawning same WRONG vehicle

So, everyone I try and respawn a vehicle using Q (playing on PC), it keeps spawning a layout of a technical vehicle that I haven’t used since a few sessions ago. Each time I put together a different layout in the catch a ride menu and spawn that new car, and then later try quick respawning that new vehicle, it spawns the same old technical, regardless of what I last used. There are no technical layouts in my custom layouts.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

Hmm, that sux & have not had this bug myself. Have you configured all 3 layouts (z - c to swap) and if so do they stay after you quit?

If not try resetting the default controls? :man_shrugging: Completely guessing here

Thanks for reply, after a few days of this it is suddenly working right. I did reset the controls and then customize them again, so maybe that did it, who knows haha.
This game is always keeping me on my toes XD

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It happens, then it works right, then it happens again. I can’t explain why. I’m on Xbox so it’s not limited to PC.