Catch Me Up Please! What Is Battleborn Like Nowadays?

Hi guys.

First new post here (outside of my RP threads) in a long while.

Been wondering:

What is Battleborn like nowadays?

Been about 3 months now since I uninstalled and never looked back (for personal emotional reasons, nothing against the amazing game itself).

So how are things looking nowadays?

Obviously I’ve read the message from Randy, which is truly unfortunate, but, the kinds of things I am wondering are these:

Who has been buffed lately?

Who has been Nerfed?

I heard Boldur *finally got proper Nerfed and that Oscar Mike can shred again?

Are these things true?

What is the meta like now?

How are the queues set up?

How is the PS4 community doing?

People still able I find games in a reasonable amount of time?

Do the veteran 5 mans of doom (or is it 3 mans plus 2 now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) still rule all?

Still plenty of stomping going on?

Does anyone ever play Supercharge or other 3 vs 3?

Thanks in advance and really looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Love you and miss you, Battleborn fam!

Talk to me guys it’s been a while!

Anyone still around?

Well, i mean… Half of those questions could easily be answered by reading the latest hotfix info under the “news” section of the Battleborn forums…


Quite frankly, I have to agree with this test subj… I mean penguin.

On a serious note though. Read the news first, might come in handy.


Uhhhh…this is more fun for me, though!

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Also - the news section will answer only maybe a third of those questions!

Same as always basically

Quick match and bots only

The vast majority of folks I played with moved on to destiny 2

Slower than it’s been in quite a while but still reasonable to me

In a game with ELO turned off this is a stupid question unless you’re meaning it sarcastically

Only in private

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Welcome back! I have also taken a break but while playing Destiny 2 makes me miss BB. I really enjoy the pve in that game but dislike the pvp style. With BB is the complete opposite. These 2 games balance each other’s out for me

Almost everything appears to be the same. There’s just 2 queues now and a lot less players playing during up time on Xbox. Premades are still stomping and taunting pub teams.


The Justice League moved wholesale to D2, so the only five mans still rolling around are azteca’s and Ghost’s, both of which I would hesitate to call a death anything.



Yeah I’ve been keeping up on the Justice Reague chat, but keeping very quiet.

You guys have gone hard on Destiny 2.

Most of us, yeah. I’m not on at the same time as everyone else, so I just grinded to a respectable light level and went back to BB. I’ve still got another 2.4k kills to reach my last big milestone, after all.

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10,000 kills as Toby?


Nah, I’ve got 12k on him already. I mean 50k total. I hit that, I’ll post it everywhere, mic drop, and disappear from this mortal plane. Ain’t nobody topping that.



Please be careful when you drop Oscar Mike.

He’s a unique, delicate flower…


His gene pool is a photocopy machine. The hell are you talking about, ‘unique’?


@vagrantsun I still firmly believe that something makes our MIKE unique, a clone apart…


Crippling insecurity?



That and the penchant for cross dressing…

I need to remember this.

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If you’re on Steam (Pull up your pants)

Bot Battles, you will find yourself saying: I am not believing this!
Mostly brand new freebie players who will continuously shout: Why am I not being healed?
Miko players who don’t even know they can heal their team.
At least 2 players on each team will drop. The bots will win. Because, that Miko is in the respawn, it’s just you and that one Kelvin now.

Story: The Sentinel still gets stuck. Don’t tell Torque, he will go ballistic over this.
btw, you won’t find anyone in the weekly Hardcore mode, don’t even try.

OPs: You can actually find a few new players who bought these, and they beg for your help.
The other new players are all shouting: Why the heck are they so expensive?