Catch me up please

Been MIA for over 6 months. Grabbed my Amara and ran DLC 3 & 4 on Normal. Leveled up to 65. Haven’t farmed anything. I know there’s been tons of changes. What should I be farming nowadays?

food. the world is in flames. get a reloading bench and potable water reserves. guns. ammo. water.
you must prepare. we have no time for games anymore. you must prepare.


My defense situation is good. Beyond that I’ll play video games. It’s safer than the real world.


Light show pistols, flippers, hellwalker, backburners, plaguebearers, Monarch, relux are all pretty meta right now. A lot of items from dlc 3 and 4 are pretty good. I’m running through dlc 1 and 2 again to see if anything is good but the few things I have gotten aren’t holding up well yet


The ones you like. :slight_smile:

I’m back home from a couple months myself. Why jump right away to specific top tier gear right away? So you you can spends days farming elusive variants to come back and complains like many others “There’s no end game”?

I prefer going with guns I like and fit my current VH and build. Making my way up in difficulty levels step by step.

All those in the previous post are solid choices. Of course LootLemon is the best place when you’re searching for info on specific gear but when I’m just looking for “something” but not sure what. I like to use this database. They also have sections for DLC, uniques and so one.

The Lightshow and Hellfire are among my favorites “all around-no fuss-good on every build”.