Catchy feelgood tunes

First off I don’t want this to be a “what are you listening to now” thread.
What I’m looking for is some catchy feel good tunes I can add to my play list.
I found this today and it really raised my mood and I found myself singing along to it while I was doing the washing up.
Now if you can sort of picture me at slightly bigger than the guy in the video and 51 years of age and boogieing at the sink then you know I need help lol.
So if you have any happy/catchy feelgood tunes post them below please.

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1966 Batman theme

My Little Pony “Smile Song”

Derek and the Dominos: Anyday

This song always makes me feel better. Maybe it’s because I’ve played the game and associate the events from the game with this song. Idk.

Geez this game is so good. I need to go back and play through the two GBA games at some point.

If we’re doing videogame music, anything from Katamari Damacy qualifies.

Also this one:

Geez I’ve had that theme stuck in my head for days at a time. Thanks for getting it stuck there again you jerk.

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May as well invoke the most vile and diabolical earworm now:

This NEEDS to be on this list.

I was literally just about to put Afternoon Delight here, I heard it on the “Worst Songs of All Time” playlist about 2 weeks ago, it still is in my head. Thank you, Qmark. Items not they bad of a song, but it will never leave my head.

^ That is the happiest song about the holocaust I’ve ever heard.

That song by Megan Trainer makes me want to punch babies…

Anyway, I cant post a video for my song since it dosnt have a video on youtube that isnt some crappily recored concert BS), but Dog Fasion Disco “Desert Grave”.

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Mr. Idol

The look on people’s faces when I put this on. It’s pretty much out of character for me so to speak.

Les Vinyl - F for Effort. A great song that I don’t think ever was recorded. This is from an appearance on what is basically Wayne’s World. Sorry you have to sit through 80 seconds of bad TV before the song starts! Or you could skip to 1:20

Really one of my favourite pop-like tunes.

And remember, if you find a song catchy but don’t like the artist or are embarrasst about listening to it, just get the Weird Al parody.


This is my feelgood tune for today

@Kitty_Jo I couldn’t find a studio version either sorry.



@Bentu Ghostland Observatory will get you dancing

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