Cate Blanchett as Lilith in the film

Numerous media sites are reporting this (and the Borderlands account is retweeting).

A good choice. She’s demonstrated that she can be a kick-butt action star in Thor:Rag and have some depth, as in the Lord fo the Rings.
Even looks a bit like Lil.
What do you think? I’m not optimistic about the movie itself, since games are hard to translate to narrative, but I’ll give it a shot.



Not trying to be negative but isn’t Cate Blanchett in her 50s? Lilith was supposed to be in her mid/late 20s in Borderlands 1 if I remember correctly.

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I think she’s a great choice. I was looking at clips of her acting earlier and she could really pull off the smug Lilith has. Wouldn’t mind an older Lilith.

I’m still not confident in the director either, but the writer is pretty good from what I’ve heard.

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Makeup and digital magic kinda make that irrelevant now.
Go look at Sam Jackson in Capt. Marvel as the shining example if how de-aging works pretty danged well now.

tbf, Lilith is ~40 in BL3, so I can see it

I think Cate could make a great Lilith, yeah she may bit a bit old for the part but she’s got the acting chops for it. It’s Eli Roth’s directing that scares me.

I’m iffy on any movie that is based on a video game setting. A lot of them don’t do well (live action especially), however, that’s usually because they don’t stay true to the source material. You never know they may hit the mark, only time will tell.

Cate Blanchett is a great actress, not too sure if she can pull off Lilith. Is the setting for the movie known yet?

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I can’t believe it! I never thought that the film would’ve been able to afford any mainstream actress/actor, this is crazy!

They had my curiosity, but now they definitely have my attention.

Honestly as great of an actress as she is, due to age I can’t see it, unless the movie is set well after the events of 3.

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According to wikipedia (I know, I know), the setting looks quite different from the games’ setting. So Lilith could be somewhat “reimagined” from the game’s version. I’ll just copypaste it here:

In 2019, reporting by Full Circle Cinema suggested that the plot and characters of the film would only vaguely resemble those from the games. Reportedly, the film is to follow the “legendary thief” Lilith, who has to rescue the Atlas Corporation’s CEO’s daughter, Tiny Tina, assisted by Claptrap, Tina’s bodyguard Krieg, and a group of vault hunters.

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I’m not concerned with her age. At worst they will just increase Lilith’s “MILFiness” (sorry not sorry) and have modern technology do the job for all the rest. But she clearly can do the majestic presence and for sure she is well suited for the job. She is past her prime when it comes to Hollywood age, but the worst that does for the movie is lowering her salary a bit. I see literally nothing bad about her as Lilith.

Reading this gives me the some vibe that I had when I heard about other life action movies based on video games. Nine time out a ten I find going with animation works better, but even then its not always successful.

They could start a borderlands movie canon, and work from there. Again I don’t know how well that will work.

Is there any hint on who the target audience is suppose to be?

I… I can’t actually tell if that movie description is a joke or not. If it’s a joke, bravo. If not, this shouldn’t be a Borderlands movie.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in this description. Its written more for the general public than those of us (though there are 10 million of us) who have played the game.
“Vault Hunter” means nothing to most of the movie going audience. Calling her a “legendary thief” at least puts some angle to the film that those folks can understand, then they can learn about vault hunters in the first 10 minutes or so.
Or with stupid opening credits expositional narration. Wait, that’s what Marcus does at the beginning of each BL game…

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Whaaaaaat is that? They don’t need to take those sorts of liberties with the universe - it’s so rich already, it’s good to go as is! Great story, rich universe, memorable characters… if George Miller gave Borderlands the Fury Road treatment, I think we’d have something truly fantastic.

Adding Claptrap, Tina, and Krieg smells like they’re just mixing the most extreme personas in the game for its own sake, as they otherwise have almost no interaction at all in the game (hopefully it’s not, “random story that happens to borrow the Borderlands universe for its telling”) . I’m still not convinced that a movie will be made, but I don’t need to tell you that my disappointment will be palpable if it sucks.

If this comes to pass and they pull some Krieg-as-Tina’s-dad plot twist, you heard it here first.


I am wondering what the drop rates will be in the movie :thinking:


No, just no
As much as I like Cate Blanchett, she is perhaps THE worse possible choice to play Lilith…her personality both on and off camera is totally different from Lilith, and they do not look alike at all. I see Lilith as a very sassy American type chick, and Cate is a posh English “lady”

Please Gearbox, please tell me you’re not going to choose Blanchett as Lilith??

The preview screening of the movie will have fantastic loot drops with Loot Tinks as guest actors spawning everywhere…Then they will release the “theatrical version” which will be massively nerfed, and drop rates will be dog poo. Then they will release the Directors Cut on Blu Ray which will include the extended version called “BORDERLANDS: THE MAYHEM 10 VERSION” which will nerf the drop rates even further :rofl:


why…why come up with such a complicated pitch when the plot of the games can be boiled down to “4 people look for treasure on a distant planet.”

Randy Pitchford jumping to movies seems like a vanity project to me.