Catharsis effect clarification

I have been scratching my head over the effect of catharsis for a while now, what does it refer to with “Attuned elemental damage”? Is it the same as “Action Skill Element” or is it something completely different? I cant find the therm anywhere else…

I always assumed it was ‘Action Skill Element’, just worded strangely. I never knew for sure since I kept killing myself unintentionally with it so I dropped it.


Yes you are probably correct, i checked if it was inconsistent in any language and low and behold it is (in German at least).
And i totally agree that it is an awkward skill especially on a character with so many melee damage modifiers…

The weirdest part is, I’ve had it do no damage to me…and I’ve had it kill me. And I can’t figure out why the vast gap in experience with it is. Still one of my favorite skills though!

Maybe because of the cooldown ? When it kills you, it may be because it didn’t blow an enemy off in the prior 8 seconds ?
I never tired it myself, I’ll try to reach it on my phasecast-focused Amara :smiley: just for fun^^

Or just grab a daredevil master com with a point in it to play witbf for a bit :stuck_out_tongue: