Caustic caverns hidden room

Does anyone know how to get into the hidden room in caustic caverns where you have to fight a hoard of varkids?image

Once you get to Sawtooth Cauldron look for a ‘!’ on the map- it’s a side mission that leads back to the Caustic Caverns with a mission that will gain you access to the top area…

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I believe you’re talking about the room at the end of the mission to push the minecart to the conveyor belt. I think to access that room again, you need to go out and follow the track from that mission back into the room. The door only opens from the other side.

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Alright thank you

If I’m not mistaken, the door straight ahead at the far end of the corridor in the picture, is the door that you pass when you turn right to enter the Dahl Deep Core 6 room after the minecart mission. If so… It can’t be opened. It’s just background.

However… There is a door where you meet the third wave of threshers at the Rumbling Shore. This door can only be accessed from the tunnel, via a room with a gun vendor, in the minecart mission.

Oh ok cuz I’ve seen YouTube videos and I guess I thought it was that door

You thought correct! It IS a door! :smile: Just not one that can be opened!

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All the ‘secret’ Caustic Caverns areas can be found via the various quests there - the Minecart mission, Perfectly Peaceful, and The Lost Treasure. They will lead you through to Dahl Deep Core and above it to the Varkid Ramparts.

The only exceptions are the tiny island you can see out in the acid which gives you a challenge and has a creepy reference to Dark Souls (?), and the Minecraft area, which you can get to by ‘digging’ through blocks underneath where you pick up the mine cart.


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