CC affecting Skill Cooldowns

Since the launch of Battleborn, and even a little during the open and closed betas, I’ve noticed that CC effects are are extremely punishing, if not entirely debilitating in PvP, and I’d like to know if anyone else is having this problem.

Time and time again, I find myself in the middle of using an ability, only to be CC’ed (not just stuns but any push or pull effect, as well as silences) and have my ability and/or my ultimate put on full cooldown. There have even been situations where the ultimate’s casting animation has already happened (with Phoebe for example) or has been selected but not yet used (with Mellka as another example) and if at any point anything affects me during this process, the full 60 second cooldown goes into effect without the ability actually triggering.

I feel like there needs to be a shorter cooldown put in place if you are affected by CC while casting an ability and having it interrupted, rather by punishing players for using their abilities at what they believe to be an opportune time, only to have it shutdown with minimal effort.

Another example of this is Toby’s ultimate ability, which can be completely negated by stunning him, even though it lasts longer than 2 seconds (which seems to be the duration of most stuns)


100% agree, that has got to be my biggest (tbh only remaining) complaint with the game

It’s a really easy fix too, as the short CD mechanic already exists in-game, it just doesn’t apply to those effects

Absolutely agree I havent played pvp yet but I could only imagine how frustrating it would be too get cc’d as your casting a skill. I know how annoying it is in pve, it’s got to be doubly so in pvp. This really should be changed some how. Even if it’s like half cool down or something (not sure about ults tho) would be better than the current state. Idk if it’s just me but I don’t even see where the CC comes from one second I’m about to cast a skill then blame I’m just staring at the ceiling.

I personally feel that being CCed should incur no triggering of the abilities’ cooldowns.

It’s really not that balanced (IMO) when a character like Galielia (for example) can throw her shield, stun a player, get a reduced cooldown on her shield throw (provided she got the mutation), and then be wailing away at an enemy, while someone like Atticus has to press his pounce ability button, aim the ability, get CCed, and then be staring at a 21 second delay before he can even think about using his pounce again.

With abilities that you have to aim and then press a button again to initiate them, players should just be kicked out of their immediate use if affected by a CC, the power shouldn’t be placed on cool down when the player hasn’t even used the power yet.

Are you MAD? Check out Isics Ult and tell me if he deserves a cooldown.

Never played him so I don’t know exactly how his ult works, but it’s on a timer once activated, just like anyone else with a similar ult, it should only be paused when CC’ed, not canceled completely. It looks like, from what I’ve seen, you can knock him up or blind him and he won’t really be able to fire, but obviously if left alone, it can be devastating.

Getting stunned or silenced or blinded should give you an opportunity to focus a target down while they can’t retaliate, not eliminate the possibility of them fighting back once the CC ends of they do survive it because the abilities they tried to use when the got CC’ed went on full cooldown IMO


I’m not talking about abilities that you have already activated, like ISIC’s ultimate, or Rath’s Dreadwind, I’m talking about abilities that you have to aim and then activate a second time in order to use.

It’s not particularly balanced when a one button press CC power can set a two button press ability on cool down, despite the power never being used in the first place. All that should happen with power like that, is that the player should be kicked back into the first step of the the two button process, their cooldowns should NOT be triggered (IM0).


It happens with one button abilities too though, which is why I referenced Phoebe’s Blade Cascade. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve casted it, done the twirl animation, then been stunned and had it not actually activate

Go watch his Ult on youtube and tell me why his Ult last for 30+ seconds

While it is unfair, it adds a whole new depth to the game where some people press the “Interrupt” button the moment you see someone casting an ult and so on. Although the CD given can be reduced to a portion instead of full CD, it’s a good mechanic for the sake of more"Outplay" potential in this game.

Like, if I see a Thorn or Orendi casting her ult and I stop it, I deserve to be rewarded for preventing someone from outright killing a teammate. At the same time, it makes it so that the Thorn and Orendi actually has to be wary of the surrounding area before just using the buton because they see someone is low oh health.

Getting my hawkeye interrupted cause I was aiming it is annoying too but hey, it’s my fault for not looking at the minimap and see someone is running at me with a CC along with using the ability at a wrong time.

I watched it, and I agree it should probably be reworked to have a built in timer once activated

It’s not that I disagree entirely, but there are some forms of mini CC, like galilea’s pull, that have the same effect as a major stun or silence, which make “outplay” and counter play impossible.

There certainly are chars that need the derp-outplay button toned down but most of the skills are fine at the moment with proper risk-reward. If they want to tone this in the future, they can always just look at the cast time of those win-button instead and increase it accordingly.

On to some of the abilities like the Phoebe ult mentioned, it can be canceled mid-spin but if you unlock Mutator, you also have the option to remove the counter-cast and whiff risk for half the damage to make it follow you so you can ult then phase in. The game does provide a way if they intend the ability to be able to remove the risk of getting interrupted for less reward.

stun him and it pulls him out. i’m actually ok with it because it requires a team to be a team in its build

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Good point, but this then brings me to characters like Mellka, who I also mentioned initially, who ult is a 2 step process (load and then fire whenever you’re ready). If it’s loaded and she gets stunned, it shouldn’t take it away from her, just put it on like a 10 second mini timer until she can load it again

This is the major issue. Ults that were never even activated (e.x. Mellka aiming her blade) should get NO cooldown from stuns, and ults that have not yet fired and were interrupted during charging should get a reduced cooldown (e.x. Toby charging his laser)

Everything else is debatable, but if you never even used the ability, but getting stunned with Mellka’s blade equipped and getting a full cooldown just feels wrong.

Not just ults either. Abilities that are completely nullified and put on cooldown by CC makes every CC in this game just too powerful.


I’m all for good team coordination to take ppl down, and often times it’s what my team and I do, but in those 1v1 scenarios, it can get frustrating if the opponent has a CC and you don’t because they will have a 1 up on you by completely denying one ability for that fight and probably the next one or two after it depending on the mode, map, and/or how late in the game it is

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But it’s also ranged so to be interrupted mean you’re going for a high risk finisher. It’s a fair trade off if you look at it because the thing really jumps in speed after the first hit.

Unless we’re talking about simply the aiming part but then it works like Hawkeye. It’s ranged and you’re aiming. Enemies are rewarded for seeing that animation and react accordingly in the middle of all the chaos.

if you use CC to clear an ability that has a ‘windup’ animation then congratulations, but the majority of abilities are either too fast for that or require aiming. The current state of things makes CC too strong for what it does - and 99% of the time abilities are put on cooldown not because you saw that Rath Ult coming or the Orendi charging hers, but rather you wanted to CC someone and they happened to try an ability a split second too soon.

IMO stopping an ability before it is cast should not put it on cooldown at all. Stopping an ability that is being aimed also should not put it on cooldown. Stopping an ability that is being charged should be a reduced cooldown and stopping an ability that is being fired/has started should be full cooldown.