CC cancel ALL abilities, even the ones that don't make sense

Example : Shayne & Aurox ultimate is “send Aurox somewhere and he’ll deal damage”, so why exactly is this ability cancelled if shayne get knocked up, let’s say by rath’s ability ?
Does Aurox realise “oh damn she’ll get killed I better come back”.
This doesn’t make sense, and something even more important, why are abilities cancelled and put on cooldown if you’re geting CCed when you’re aiming it ?
Example : You press Q, your character ready his weapon or whatever (like ghalt’s hook) and suddenly you get knocked up. Why is my ability on cooldown ? It didn’t even start or anything.

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Lol been saying the same thing, was wondering if that was intensional. Sucks when it happens to your ultimate

My brother had that happen to his Bindlebane 4 times in the Heliophage mission.