Cc: diminished returns

what if any is the reduction on the knock ups, knockbakcs, slows stuns etc if any? i just experienced chain knockup… im not sure how it was being facilitated i know that alani has one, and that the thralls can do it, and rath. what could hold an entire team suspended in air for oh say 10-12 seconds? long enough for the two ranged people on the other team to burn the entire team down one at a time.

it wasnt a single suspend in the air mechanic, it was the same one over and over and over. i had kelvin at level 7 or 8 with 2500+ hp and lived long enough to type out to my teammates “what in the living ___ is going on right now?” with my camera still facing forward i didnt realize that they were all inside of the same effect. i hope like hell someone from my team just now recorded that :frowning:

at any rate can i hereby petition for a diminishing return on chain cc? or at least some transparency on how that could happen if its by design; id like the information to not experience that again and to be better prepared to be nonstop group cc’d.

was there an attikus on the enemies’ team?

there was, lemem go peruse his stuff.

seeing his ultimate is only 5 seconds. if i can type out several sentences to my team before dying slowly, thats a lot longer htan 5 seconds though. so back to the original thought, theyre chaining cc, which is cool and a great idea whats the end of it? if you stack cooldown items can you legit lock up an entire team for a whole match?

If the Attikus was level 10 he can extend it to 10 seconds if he kills enemies with it which includes minions, hence why attikus is referred to as an endgame character because he can get out of control.

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thats hte information i was looking for. thank you. jeeeeebus thats potent. i imagine he was level 10 as well the other team’s cc game was strong the whole match we were getting chain cc’d so when that happened i full on assumed i was candid camera.

are there any reductions in cc at all? diminishing returns i mean for repeated hits from same mechanic? and i dont mean the cc reduction gear, i dont beleive those have strong enough values to use over some other piece currently.

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There is not diminishing returns. He could’ve also have been using legendary gear like the chrono key which reduces cooldowns by 2 seconds for every 500 dmg dealt.

just looked, he wasnt using the chrono key or attikus legendary, nor was he level 10 by the end of the match, all his gear was atk damage and sprint speed.

well i standby my petition for diminished returns on cc stuff. dont nerf-stick classes… just maybe make the third one of those in a row take 2 seconds to execute so you have some sort of shot at surviving. just a thought, was frustrating. really appreciate your feedback. vrcross you da real mvp!

There should be diminishing returns(DR) in this game, but in most games that have DRs, it usually doesn’t affect knock ups or knockbacks. They normally just affect slows, stuns, roots, snares, etc.

Yea Attikus’ ultimate doesn’t do a lot of actual damage unless you choose the other option at 10, but it does enough that if he pops it on a group hiding in a minion wave, they’ll be riding the carousel for a while.

But if his teammates are paying attention it’s not an issue, which is a big part of why he’s such an end game character.