CC Duration and Recoil Gears and my Gripe with them

Am I the only person that feels that an Item Type should not have been made for these 2 things? Both Recoil AND CC Duration items are pretty mediocre even on characters which it affects.

Recoil Items affect how many characters again? 3 or so out of 26 currently? And out of those 3-4 how many can you say have “VERY bad Recoil” weapons in desperate need of gear correction? I don’t think a single one of the characters with recoil weapons will want to use a single piece of gear (Specifically) to help lower the burden of their weapon’s recoil.

So yeah, with such a very limited cast of characters which are affected by recoil effects, and even less with an actual “recoil problem”, the idea to make a whole gear type to cater to 1-2 characters seems a bit ridiculous to me…if Recoil was such a problem for 1-2 characters it could have been something corrected by their character-specific legendary.

Reload is also in the same boat as Recoil in that very few characters deal with Reloads, but those that do can clearly benefit from Reload speed increases as it effectively ups their DPS. So I give the Reload Gear Type a break.

CC Duration Gear…why does this exist exactly? The percentages are laughable even at 3 items. Not to mention that Most of all the CC are really…REALLY short periods of time. -14% CC Duration on a 1 second stun/slow/blind/knock-up etc is supposed to accomplish what exactly?
CC immunity would be too strong, but would it have been so bad to up the percentages and then have specific CCs be affected? Like gear that does -50% Slow, Stun, Silence, or blind duration? Or immunity to CC while under a percentage of health or other very specific conditions? Anything but what we got now would do, as of now getting CC Duration Gear is VERY disheartening especially when it takes the highest rarity slot in a loot pack or sumthin’.

Am I the only person that feels like this?


Most CC is bad design. They should remove it altogether, let players have fun playing the game and not worry about how they can’t do anything while getting chain stunned/juggled. But to your point, I agree. Some gear stats are pretty much useless.

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Recoil definitely isn’t worth choosing. I would gladly take any characters’ weapons that have recoil have the recoil amped up, probably along with a damage boost in compensation, to make the choice worthwhile.

CC duration is undoubtedly in a similar boat.

…But then every ability in the game that affects enemies would be nothing but damage. Calderius’ Flashbang would bang without any flash, Attikus’ ultimate wouldn’t have a noticeable charge bonus, and ISIC’s Stopping Power mutation wouldn’t be brok-OK, I’ll give you that one.

I usually run a recoil reduction gear when using whiskey…help get crits with him which is what he’s good for. I can see if being pointless for most other characters though

CC duration would be a lot better if they were a flat duration decrease like -0.33 seconds on CC.

I’ll try doing some testing on the recoil, but I believe that it would tighten the spreads of projectiles for some characters. Miko is pretty bad at range because of this. Montana could also be affected by this. Especially with the helix choices which already help. Could make him a devastating character.

CC duration could be seen as useless, but it could be a lifesaver. It’s a niche piece of gear, that should only be used on pusher classes. This way you can dive accelerators and thumpers, as well as the characters within range of these.

I am sure that they have more uses than they appear on the surface.

Apparently skill cooldown gear does absolutely nothing as well. Like it’s bugged or something.

CC duration and skill cooldown need buffs to be viable regardless.

Well I can agree with CC gear being useless but as for recoil? It has it’s purpose. Both Whiskey Foxtrot and Oscar Mike have some pretty noticeable kickback on their guns(moreso Whiskey than Oscar) and -recoil helps you stay on target better. I will say, I do like the Idea of making CC gear reduce one specific ailment(One per manufacturer, with epics doing a different one, perhaps a more prominent form of CC?).

I havent actually noticed if CDR works or not (Lack of caring to look and see) but assuming its WAI, Id like to offer a counter-point for CDR being effective;

Caldarius’ flashbang skill has a 24 second CD; At level six, the flashbang CD is reduced by 20% if you grab the Rapid Dominance helix. Stacking that with a max roll of 7% CDR gear, (24 x .27), youll end up with 6.48 second CDR total. Thats awesome and doesnt even include other secondary stats from other gear. I wouldnt say CDR gear isnt viable, just very particular. Either way, if youre right and CDR gear isnt working, then fooey on my 2 cents lol